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#Lightfinder interview on CTV in #yeg town

So I’m not a morning person. I mean, I’ll do it. If I have to.

And I have to far more often than I like.

But this morning it was a pleasure to get up and hop over to CTV studios in Edmonton for a quick interview with the effervescent Kimberly Wynn.

We talked about my bestselling novel Lightfinder (now in it’s 2nd printing) and as a result, it is now apparently sold out in the city. You should bug your local Chapters/Indigo/Coles, Barnes&Noble, and all independent bookstores to carry it!

It’s an unlikely hit from a small publisher (Kegedonce Press) and that right there is an awesome Canadian success story.

If you haven’t read it, you gotta get it. Here in Edmonton you can’t even get a copy at the library! (Although in Ottawa there are a couple available).

If you order online, here are a few links:

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And here’s the link to the interview:

Aaron Paquette on CTV Morning News Talking about Lightfinder

ctv Lightfinder

Women are the Warriors we Need

Women are the warriors our times call for.

Some people make the mistake of thinking women are only gatherers … gardeners … that they can only dig and pick and cultivate and hide.

I tell you that women are the strongest, smartest and most dangerous hunters the world has ever seen.

Individually, they may be physically overpowered, but in planning, in vision, in purpose and explosive action, they can’t be beat.

Any honest man will admit there is nothing that fills them with awe so much as their partner when she has made up her mind. She has become an unstoppable, indomitable will. If it’s against him, he’d better start running!

There’s a narrative that women are weak, that they’re vulnerable, that they are somehow less intelligent or capable than a man.

Well, they said that about serfs, about slaves, about people from other races. They say it about anyone they want to control.

You see, it’s the storytellers that rule the world.

And we repeat their stories.

It’s time for a new chapter.

It’s time to write a new reality.

It’s time to stand up and tell your story.

You are only vulnerable when you let others define you as vulnerable.

You are only weak if you let them convince you it’s true.

You are only ‘less than’ if you believe it.

Women are warriors. They are the ones who run with wolves, the ones who follow the moon. They are the ones who give life and they are the first story tellers their children will hear.

Women have all the power of humanity. All the power to shape the world.

Are you waiting for permission? Give it to yourself.

Are you waiting for your time? It’s now.

Are you waiting for a sign? Look around.

You are the linch-pin, the tipping of the scales.

The moment you say you’ve had enough. The moment you rise …

Everything changes.

We are in a battle for a future that our children, grandchildren and theirs can grow in, be safe in, be challenged in.

Part of it means taking time for yourself, for silence, to breathe and renew. Part of it means to let go for a while. You’ve been carrying heavy burdens.

There will be men who cling desperately to the idea that they have power over you. Outsmart them. Outmaneuver them. Out plan and out-strategize.

There are so many more good men willing to be your allies, willing to be your support, willing to be your partners. We are your sons, after all.

We are in a battle for the soul of the planet.

And you are that soul.

You are the warriors.

And this is your time.

hiy hiy.


Feel free to print this out, to share it, to hang it where you can see it.

-Aaron Paquette


Aaron Paquette is a First Nations Metis artist, author and speaker. Based in Edmonton, Aberta, his Bestselling Novel ‘Lightfinder’ was published 2014 through Kegedonce Press and is now in 2nd printing.

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women warriors by Aaron Paquette

How to Get the Most DESIRABLE Women in the World (tips for young men)

Ten crazy secrets you WON’T believe (especially number 7!)

1. Understand that she is not here to please you. Any woman worth pursuing is ALREADY following her own dreams, her own path, and if you’re worthy, you can walk beside her. But you better have your own goals that you are following or you’ll get dropped like dead weight. No one wants to drag you along. A good woman wants you to walk boldly beside her.

2. A man worth having in a woman’s life has some basic skills: cooking, cleaning, proper hygiene, a strong work ethic and he understands the art of conversation. Basically, all the things that would make you independent and show that you know how to be a self-sufficient man. Learn how money works and become financially responsible. Gain an undeniably powerful presence by becoming powerfully present in your interactions with others. Pay attention when people are speaking. That’s the hallmark of a true leader.

3. You must know how to properly protect a woman and make her feel safe. That means respecting her own independence, respecting her strength and power, and adding your own. It does not mean that you get to be condescending, pushy or controlling. THOSE traits just expose you as the insecure mess you’ve allowed yourself to become.

4. Read, write and think. The most desirable women in the world are smart. They deserve a man who at least tries to be as smart as they are. They deserve a man who is interesting, thoughtful, and understands and respects the power of emotions. Become well spoken and learn to command a room with your presence, not in an obnoxious way, but because you know the secret power of intentional service to others. A man who can recite some poetry beyond ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ is suddenly a man worth noticing. Creativity is a trait that will massively benefit EVERY aspect of your life.

5. Treat your body well. You’ll have to if you want to keep up with a vibrant, energetic and active woman. Eat well, get some exercise, and wear clothes that fit (and hopefully match). Be drug-free and booze-free. She’s going to be taking care of herself, at least try to match her commitment. And remember, she’s someone’s sister, someone’s daughter. They’ll want to know she is with a person who doesn’t skip leg day.

6. Respect that no means no. Maybe in the past, it was hard to understand the signals, but in today’s world a woman isn’t going to play games. If she says no, it does not mean, ‘try harder’. No one is playing hard to get. Access to a woman’s body is not your right, it’s a privilege. Her body is a temple. This is something you were not taught by society. Until now. And now that you know, always respect that knowledge. Hormones and desires will run strong. Be stronger.

7. Having said that, be proud and comfortable with your sexuality. It’s one of our dominant traits: to be sexual, sensual beings. There’s nothing wrong with it. So stand tall, stand strong. Move with power, grace and confidence. Don’t hunch over, don’t hide yourself. You are a magnificent beast, in full control of your procreative power. Reign it in a little so you’re not weirding everyone out, but relax into the fact that one of your biological purposes is to be a desirable being and ultimately a father.

8. Learn to be a GOOD father. Many of us were abandoned by our fathers, or didn’t have the best example growing up. Don’t use that as an excuse. Use it as your launching pad. Get the best information you can. Ask good dads for their thoughts. Find out what makes a man great and incorporate that into who YOU are. Deal with your issues not by burying them, but shining light on them, allowing them to heal. Be prepared for the day when you will have your own child, or be an uncle to kids who need an amazing example of responsible, gentle, unwavering masculinity.

9. Become excellent in at least one skill. Then another, and another. Whatever you do, be the best damned THAT in the world. Strive for extraordinary accomplishment and never be satisfied with mediocrity. You are a man, an apex predator with the wolf, the lion, the eagle and the mountain bear as your brothers. Be aware, alert, and supremely present in your life, and never be satisfied with second best. Be gracious in your losses, but not satisfied. The world needs men who are willing to get back up, practice like it’s real, and never back down from excellence.

10. To get the most desirable woman in the world, then, all you have to do is become the most desirable man in the world. And it’s easier than you think. There’s a place out there called the second mile, and it’s way less crowded. If you can commit to yourself; your development; your victories; to making your life meaningful…if you can commit to serving your people, your community, and the world, then you will be a real man. And it’s real men this world needs.

Hiy hiy


A little tongue-in-cheek to start with. I was asked to write something for young men (the savvy reader will figure out that this is easily tweaked to apply to everyone, regardless of gender). You are free to print it out if you think it will help you. There has never been a greater need for true warriors.

A warrior knows how to serve, how to listen, how to care for others and themselves. A warrior speaks their truth and acts from a place of integrity. A warrior protects life. The last resort for a warrior is violence. It means all else has been tried and all else has failed.

Keep your mind, your heart and your body ready. Develop a deep and honourable connection to the sacred. Respect all women, even those who don’t respect you. And serve the children and the elders with all your heart.

Don’t succumb to the peer pressure of those who would reduce you. Instead become the peer pressure that forces everyone to raise their own standards, their own efforts, just to try to match you. A warrior has one life to give and so he gives it his all.

– Aaron Paquette


PS. what are your tips?? Feel free to share in the comments below!



Aaron Paquette is a First Nations Metis artist, author and speaker. Based in Edmonton, Aberta, his Bestselling Novel ‘Lightfinder’ was published 2014 through Kegedonce Press and is now in 2nd printing.

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Warriors Wanted - Aaron Paquette

Lightfinder Review – John Richardson

John Richardson is an artist I admire. He has the heartbeat and pulse of the arts scene in Edmonton and his work is always thoughtful, clever, deeply intelligent and of course, beautiful. He has made art not only his profession, but his life. He is an incredible father.

He also knows how to write, and to my utter astonishment and gratitude, he has chosen to spend some of that on my little book, Lightfinder.

And so, an excerpt and a link:

“Lightfinder by artist Aaron Paquette is a stunning debut novel, an enthralling first instalment of what promises to be an exciting series of novels for young adults (and all sorts of other readers). Comparisons will inevitably be made (I’ll do it myself in a moment), but unlike authors of some of the popular novel series for young adults of the recent and not-so-recent past, Paquette has firmly rooted the adventure in our real world: no Ministry of Magic, no post-Apocalyptic Panem, and although there are magical journeys, they are not to some aborted Medievalist fantasy called Narnia or anything else. Lightfinder is an adventure in the landscape and geography – and political economy – of Canada – specifically Alberta – today.”

Behind The Hedge –
“Lightfinder” by Aaron Paquette: Comparisons Will Inevitably Be Made

Lightfinder Illo -Paquette



A man flew a drone right through a live fireworks display. It’s incredibly beautiful. I just think it’s amazing his camera didn’t get hit!

They All Lead Back Home

It’s okay to have opinions, to have frustrations, to be human. It’s even okay to express those things from time to time!

Too often you will find people so desperate to be on the Right Path that they will pretend they don’t have these feelings, or if they do that it is somehow a failing, or shameful in some way.

In fact, they may take time out to compassionately fill you in on the failings they have observed in YOU from THEIR vantage point.


And that’s okay, too.

What we’re talking about is how to live in this world in a spiritual AND practical way. Not everyone is ready to just jump out their doors and trust in the Universe that everything will work out.

It’s sometimes prudent to pack a lunch.

In other words, take care of your body, your physical needs, the needs of your family and community before focusing too much on your spiritual development. I think you might just find that treating yourself and others well is the first and most important lesson, anyway.

There are many routes to take, and we’re all following one whether we like it or not. So be patient with those around you. They may be struggling up a steep slope while you have been coasting on a fairly easy plateau.

So I guess I would just hope that you are feeling all right with yourself and others having some warts and bumps and rough edges. It all smooths with time, there’s no rush.

In fact, trying to rush or control things just makes the work longer and more difficult. Simply be, and see how that works for you.

But you know, if you see suffering, and you have a fish with which to smack the perpetrator, then by all means nourish them with a taste of mackerel. But gently, lol.

For all the beauty of the world, it’s still a predator planet.

We are wise to remember that.

It’s our job to be kind.

It’s also our job to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Non-violently whenever possible, and it’s almost always possible.

There’s a reason we have strong emotions and its not to excise them from ourselves. It’s so we can learn balance and self control, so we can teach our children how to survive as peaceably as possible in a world where they face many challenges and upsets.

It’s so that when we see a planet in peril, we feel it.

And we act.

We see our Mother Earth dying around us. We live with the strength of the Creator inside us.

We feel, we meditate, we pray.

And then, without judgement, anger or fear, we act.

Hiy hiy


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