Moonrise18" x 14"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2007Nothing so simple as MoonriseNothing so normal as treesNothing so common as starlightOr the scent of wild flowersYou, and the hoursWe've spent in the warm summer breezeYes, we've spent in the warm summer breezeYou, and the hoursThe scent of wild flowersNothing so common as starlightNothing so normal as treesNothing so simple [...]

By | March 8th, 2007|Aaron Paquette, canadian, Contemporary, crow, flowers, moon, raven|2 Comments

Thanks to Everyone who came out! It was great to meet so many amazing people. The gallery was absolutely alive with your energy.

Deep In The Winter Wood24" x 40"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2007Once Upon a Time, this is how it was. It was just like this...Snow covered the rolling hills, a cool blanket over a sleeping companion. The night was alive with the twinkling crystal air, and the naked trees stretched out silvery limbs to the hard, unblinking gaze [...]