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Life Seeks It's ReflectionMixed Media on Canvas2008Here is a little more from my conversation with my sons and wife.In talking about miracles - and life in the universe - the question came up as it always will: Why? What's it all for? Is God a guy with a beard?Well, I can't answer these questions for [...]

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You can’t hit a target you can’t see

Buffalo Woman16" x 20"Mixed Media on Art Board2010Sometimes I work with schools and kids and the message I try to leave is to have actual achievable goals. After you have a few achievable short term goals, then dream bigger than big. Dream ridiculously impossible stuff.If you aim for the impossible, what you determine to be [...]

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Here You Go!

Everyone Is Invited To The FeastAcrylic, Gold LeafOn Canvas2009(click on image to enlarge)I wanted to paint something that made me very happy. Although it took a very long time to complete, for me it was well worth the effort and the seemingly endless days!As you can see, everyone is coming to the feast, guests are [...]

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If You’re Afraid…

...of spiders, then you will not want to click on this photo. I saw this as I was taking a walk the other day. My brain couldn't process what I was seeing, so I bent in reaaaally close to figure it out.Shudder.Anyway, if you have a strong stomach and little things like the circle of [...]

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