AutumnalAcrylic, Oil, Fabric andGold Leaf on Canvas2009As much as I identify with the raven, I have to acknowledge the power the rabbit has played in my life. Anytime I have made an important decision I have immediately seen a rabbit to let me know I chose correctly. In this painting the rabbit is ahead of [...]

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More Art

HomeAcrylic, Gold Leaf and Fabricon Canvas2009Painted in the late Fall of 2009, this painting symbolizes the snuggling in we Northerners love to do when the air is crisp and snow is on the edge of the senses. Like a premonition. A rumour.Here the cub nestles in with mama wolf. In the distance an encampment of [...]

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TransformationAcrylic, Gold Leaf on Canvas2009The wind blows through a golden forest frozen in eternal sunset, bringing with it the scent of flowers. Bright colours begin to spread and grow, bringing the warmth and promise of springtime.Sometimes we can get stuck in old paths, reacting to the same situations in the same way we always have. [...]

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Little Helpers

10" x 40"Mixed MediaOn CanvasI'm not sure that I ever posted this image before. I painted it at the tail end of summer in 2005. I love watching beavers as they munch away at trees and swim around dragging ridiculously cumbersome branches behind them as they prepare winter caches and put the finishing touches on [...]

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