They’re poets, and they know it….

Joanne Arnott and Marilyn Dumont signing books and meeting fans at Audrey's Bookshop, Edmonton2007 I attended a really great poetry reading last night at Audrey's Books . The bad news is that you missed it, but don't despair, there's another one! On Saturday, Joanne Arnott and Marilyn Dumont will enchant a lucky St.Albert crowd with [...]


Tonight like all nightsthe beery crowd is inattentivewhile he rasps bad coversHis picture, at the doorwithout a grey hairis the illusion of memoryLive every nighthis voice, fingersworn by the years of living highReduced to strummingsupported by rhythm acecollecting scaleHe is a defrocked priestknowing of the sacrilege of holding the crucifixIn their caseshis Martinhis Fenderawait his [...]

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