The world already has free energy.

It’s called the Sun.

If as much resources were put into harnessing that unimaginable power as into maintaining the profits of corporations who would destroy God’s creation we could live in a virtual paradise.

This isn’t a screed against anything, it’s only a reminder of our true heart’s desires. A reminder of our true and ancient values.

Most wars are fought over scarcity of resources. Most wars today are over oil. Ideology, religion, these are simply fronts and tools used by those in power to divert you from the true cause: Maintaining the status quo.

It will change in our lifetime.

Because there is another power waiting to be unleashed.

Your personal awakening. Of waking to the light.

The power of the worlds people combined in positive thought and energy.

When a billion people desire the same thing and move toward it, no man can stop it.

And we desire it.

We desire freedom.

We desire a world for our grandchildren and theirs – and theirs! where their potential can be fully realized, where they sleep safe at night and have clean food to eat, clean water to drink.

We have been waiting, waiting, waiting…

And now it’s time.

Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, we are emerging from the restrictive power of greed and emptiness into a world of our own making.

A world where we are guided by the Creator and by sense and science.

A world of giving, building and helping each other.

Many people fear this because they fear the unknown, they can’t walk that razor’s edge, that uncertainty. But like the surfer finding the tube, you have to trust. You have to believe. You have to see it before it can ever happen.

And then you have to work for it.

It’s time.

It’s the beautiful, hoped for time.

And you are here to make it happen.

Hiy hiy.

Clouds Clearing

The Face of Abundance
22″ x 28″
Mixed Media on Canvas

I made a little painting a couple years ago called Abundance. I loved painting it and wanted to return to the theme and explore the idea again. This time, instead of a sun it’s a golden being. Many people have commented on it, asking, “Is it the wind?”, or “I think it’s a soul about to be born.” The golden visage represents everything. Some would call it God, some Possibility, some Tao. I just know that it is. I feel it when I’m painting. We all feel it at some point or other. We feel it when we’re mindful. We feel it when we transcend the need to be patient and are just accepting. We feel it when we sit quietly, allowing our connection to nature flow through us and fill our senses, fill our souls.

I turn my face to the sun
The heat like gentle lips

Placed upon my skin
In benediction

There’s more than I can take
There’s abundance

27cm x 35cm
Mixed Media
on Paper

I turn my face to the sun
The heat like gentle lips

Placed upon my skin
In benediction

There’s more than I can take
There’s abundance