In The Garden

This evening I braved the ferocity of the mosquitos to snap a few photos of the flowers in the garden. The above picture is a close up of chive flowers, one in full bloom, the other a bud that I’m sure will open up tomorrow morning. I love the way a camera can bring the details so much closer to the human eye. I’m showing you a small version at 72dpi, and already the flower is three to four times normal size (depending on the monitor, of course).

I’m not certain what kind of moth it is in the photo below, but it’s a good bet some clever entomologist is out there who could readily identify it. As it stands, I’ll just be in awe anyway. The daisy is your standard fare and it’s growing in amidst the rose bush to provide some interest while the pink blooms prepare themselves.

Sadly, little caterpillars are eating half circles into the leaves. I’ve been trying to pluck them off and return them to the forest across the way, but there are too many of them (or the same ones keep coming back!). I don’t want to use chemicals, so I guess I’ll have to research other options. At any rate, I can’t wait for the roses!