Northern Pastoral

Home16" x 24"Mixed Media on Canvas2010This is a painting for my wife's sister. Included are her husband, their little baby and their even littler pup. She is beckoning from the distance and above it all is the spirit of their grandfather, a happy man in life, and even more satisfied now seeing how amazing his [...]

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Moon Song9" x 6"Mixed Media on Canvas2010Go into the wild. Don't let yourself be trapped by city lights like a deer in the middle of the road. Get out, get away, get free.If we are separated from the land for too long we start to lose our true, wild selves in gray and steel. We [...]

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A Simple Holiday pt.1

I love clouds, travelling on the road, and camping. I got all three this week.It started last Monday night. As much family as could be gathered was over and we laughed and loved, ate and drank, and there was much rejoicing. And then these clouds slowly, silently and with sudden stealth appeared over the city. [...]

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