White Raven Series

Ice Raven
24″ x 30″
Mixed Media
on Canvas

A comment from a friend on the White Raven series:

…the sense of blood and freshly frozen death that I feel fuels the bright bitter triumph, reaches for the promise of warmth in the yellow star as sun-seed, and wants to speak through the pink and mauve of the pinions.

Put another way: imagine the painting on the ground at midnight, a dead, dessicated white bird caught in a pool of ice, the moon reflecting just so an inch beyond its beak.

Your comments?

National Aboriginal Day, Solstice, and a few Photos

Here it is again!

National Aboriginal Day

For regional events today, click here: Events!

And now on to some photos…

As promised, the roses did indeed bloom, and here they are intermingled with the daisies which have definitely gone wild, or native, you might say.

And since we have red and white, lets add some black and yellow to complete our Medicine Wheel (or blue-ish, depending on your interpretation). Shown here is a gorgeous little Lacewing I photographed this morning. Everything was so clean and fresh as the sun came up, the thunderstorm last night having washed through with surprising force and an adrenaline-inducing light show. As I stood at the window watching it all unfold, one bolt struck so close I could actually hear it sizzle through the rain before the thunderclap engulfed all other sound. But, back to the lacewing…

And there you have it.

Happy Solstice!