New Podcast – Episode 9! Also: Deep Question

Continuing on with this ridiculous theme in my life of being somewhat productive and active, here is my Ninth Podcast. It's all about NOT finishing things, of which I give one example out of literally dozens of grand projects I've never gotten around to!In other news not related to the podcast...and because you're on the [...]

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Teenage Suicide – Don’t Do It

-Heathers (1989)***PRESS RELEASE***Sharon Ryan, adjunct professor of management sciences at Concordia University College of Alberta, and freelance columnist (Workplace Ethics on Wednesdays) with the Edmonton Journal is releasing her first book on young adult suicide.Live Your Life: How to Abandon Your Miserable Existence Without Killing Yourself and Others Along the Way contains twelve true stories [...]

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Two Down

After a really productive weekend I finished the rough drafts of Chapters One and Two of the book, and got a good start on the third. I find it's easier than I thought it would be to write this book, but then, it's not War and Peace we're talking about but a simple seven chapter [...]

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