Get Up Stand Up

To be filed under the, “aren’t you too busy to add another project?” list comes this. I’ve spending some time in the past while trying to develop some images for a line of t-shirts. Not necessarily to break into any markets (he said as if he knew what he was talking about), but just because I wanted something that I didn’t see existed. I’m not one to get angry and rant about racial issues – I just don’t see the point – but I do like the idea of putting things out there that have personal meaning to me.

Being a “halfbreed” has been a source of shame and alienation to me, but it has also been something from which I’ve been able to draw a lot of strength and grow in knowledge. As an adult, I feel I was blessed to have the struggles I did, and those hard times have become a source of quiet wisdom for me as I grow old enough and still enough to discover it.

I’m happy that my parents were attracted enough to each other to make a bunch of olive-ish babies. I’m glad to be here, freckles and all! I wanted to celebrate the fact that there are a lot of us new kind of humans around. I like to think that our parents have given us only the best parts of themselves and I hope one day everyone has a nice olive-y complexion. It will mean that the old ideas of “race” (what a word to describe people, as though there are winners and losers*) have been discarded and we’re all into each other for who we are inside, not just how we appear on the surface.

And where can you get these fine designs? Well, unfortunately they’re not in production as I’ve made them entirely for myself, but if there was enough interest I’d happily get some silkscreeeners to pull a few dozen.

More designs (probably) to come!

The flowers on this design were inspired by Native American and Metis beadwork flowers that used to adorn (and still do!) everything from jackets to purses to moccassins, and these days, even key-chains.

*thanks, Sherri, for planting that idea in my head!