And Warms Our Skin Like Soft Exhalations

Lay Down Your Burdens36" x 28"Mixed Media on Canvas2010This is one of a group of paintings that flashed across my inner eye and I quickly sketched it out. The painting took me 9 months of labour to complete, growing at its own pace. I couldn't have rushed it if I tried, and sometimes I did [...]

Store Open!

It's been a bumpy ride, but everyone out of the car!The site is open for business!Here's the store:'s the news feed:http://www.halfbreedculture.comSo don't wait around, go get your shirt today! On the news feed we'll be featuring a "Halfbreed of the Month" so stay tuned for that.We've also got a contest going to design a Tee!So [...]

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HBC – Half Breed Clothing

Hey Everybody!Today is the day we roll out the very first Half Breed Clothing t-shirt!What is this all about?Well, the smaller this world gets, the more couples from different backgrounds are hooking up. The result is a growing population of people like me and probably you! Kids with mixed heritage. Whether Metis, Heinz 57, Mulatto, [...]

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Halfbreed Mythology – An Art Gallery of Alberta Travelling Exhibit

.Down and Out - City Living9" x 12"Acrylic on Paper2008From the "Halfbreed Mythology" show guide:As stated by Paul Smith, Aaron Paquette's paintings "illustrate moments of connection and conflict, both individual and communal". Such moments are perfectly expressed in the painting, 'Down and Out - City Living'. In this work Paquette connects with both his cultural [...]

Get Up Stand Up

To be filed under the, "aren't you too busy to add another project?" list comes this. I've spending some time in the past while trying to develop some images for a line of t-shirts. Not necessarily to break into any markets (he said as if he knew what he was talking about), but just because [...]

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