Mist on the Mountainside

Mist on the MountainsideDigital (iPhone + Brushes App)2010Here's a quick piece I created on my iPhone using the Brushes App. I'm actually a closet watercolourist but still working on my skills. I found the interface easy to use but the screen 'real estate' far too small. This is what would prompt me toward an iPad, [...]

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An excerpt from something I’m writing…

The radio was static. The headlights barely picking out the blurred asphalt. The road through Jasper National Park was long, silent and empty. There was no moon and in the complete shadow that had descended on the nighttime world I had long since lost the ability to see the mountains rising on either side of [...]

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Happy Easter

Renew 24" x 30"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2008 According to the calendar, it's spring again, and I'll take it. So what if it's still cold and snow keeps falling? People are in shorts, riding bikes, sitting outside with their coffee...it's all good. The weather says no, the cooped up spirit says yes. Earlier in the month the [...]

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