Acrylic, Gold Leaf on Canvas

The wind blows through a golden forest frozen in eternal sunset, bringing with it the scent of flowers. Bright colours begin to spread and grow, bringing the warmth and promise of springtime.

Sometimes we can get stuck in old paths, reacting to the same situations in the same way we always have. This can be for the good, but more often it can likely be more positive. Instead of allowing our pride or hurt feelings to get in the way, sometimes it can be best to let that whispering wind speak living, changing words to our hearts. Sometimes we can let it alter a course we have been holding on to for far too long. It can be scary, it can feel like a risk, but the new direction, the new air, the clean new breezes can invigorate our senses and little by little the stars change and we are transformed.


Happy Easter

Renew by Aaron Paquette


24″ x 30″
Mixed Media
on Canvas

According to the calendar, it’s spring again, and I’ll take it. So what if it’s still cold and snow keeps falling? People are in shorts, riding bikes, sitting outside with their coffee…it’s all good. The weather says no, the cooped up spirit says yes.


Earlier in the month the show at the Willock and Sax Gallery in Banff opened on a fantastic sunny day and I got to meet a lot of really great people with interesting stories to share. One such person was the fellow who had a show alongside mine. His name is Darren Peterson and he’s a truly skilled glassblower.

The trip was slow and easy. Taking the side roads and meandering through the countryside and scenery rejuvenated me and lent me an inner calm I’d been missing. What really started it all was the few days before that, when I had the honour of sitting in with a group of Elders, Artists, Educators, and Just Plain Good People up at Blue Quills First Nations College just outside of St.Paul, Alberta. They’re in the opening stages of planning an accredited Art Program and they really want it to be effective for students coming from a First Nations traditional background, and for anyone who wants an alternative to the standard post-secondary process. Thanks again to Sherri Chisan for including me in something so wonderful.

So, it’s spring, it’s Easter, and up here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s a time for rebirth and renewal. Today seems as good as any to stretch out the old dusty wings and go for a glide. So see you soon and take care!