White Raven Series

Ice Raven24" x 30"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2007A comment from a friend on the White Raven series:...the sense of blood and freshly frozen death that I feel fuels the bright bitter triumph, reaches for the promise of warmth in the yellow star as sun-seed, and wants to speak through the pink and mauve of the pinions.Put another [...]

By | July 16th, 2007|Contemporary, ghost, ice, Paquette, raven, spirit, white|2 Comments

Zsu Zsi of the Night18" x 36"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2007This is a portrait of Zsu Zsi, a bulldog who owns my friend Jackie. A labor of love and friendship, and worth every moment of it. She reclines in the valley, Terwilliger Dog Park, to be exact. Like Cleopatra, she watches her kingdom by the banks of [...]

One WayMixed Mediaon Paper2007Driving back up to the North from the dry and dusty Southern Alberta city of Medicine Hat, I found myself fading into auto-pilot at the wheel, brain registering the limited traffic as cruise control took over and I began to settle into the half-alertness of a six-hour journey. It was just as [...]

Keeper of the SunMixed Mediaon Paper2007After he flew off he began to realize something was different. He was burning! This was not the cool, milky feeling of the silver moon but a searing, penetrating, scorching fire. There was something else, though. As he nurtured the yellow sun to his chest, he could feel Something was [...]

By | June 9th, 2007|Aaron Paquette, Contemporary, raven, sun|2 Comments