The world already has free energy.

It’s called the Sun.

If as much resources were put into harnessing that unimaginable power as into maintaining the profits of corporations who would destroy God’s creation we could live in a virtual paradise.

This isn’t a screed against anything, it’s only a reminder of our true heart’s desires. A reminder of our true and ancient values.

Most wars are fought over scarcity of resources. Most wars today are over oil. Ideology, religion, these are simply fronts and tools used by those in power to divert you from the true cause: Maintaining the status quo.

It will change in our lifetime.

Because there is another power waiting to be unleashed.

Your personal awakening. Of waking to the light.

The power of the worlds people combined in positive thought and energy.

When a billion people desire the same thing and move toward it, no man can stop it.

And we desire it.

We desire freedom.

We desire a world for our grandchildren and theirs – and theirs! where their potential can be fully realized, where they sleep safe at night and have clean food to eat, clean water to drink.

We have been waiting, waiting, waiting…

And now it’s time.

Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, we are emerging from the restrictive power of greed and emptiness into a world of our own making.

A world where we are guided by the Creator and by sense and science.

A world of giving, building and helping each other.

Many people fear this because they fear the unknown, they can’t walk that razor’s edge, that uncertainty. But like the surfer finding the tube, you have to trust. You have to believe. You have to see it before it can ever happen.

And then you have to work for it.

It’s time.

It’s the beautiful, hoped for time.

And you are here to make it happen.

Hiy hiy.

All You Amazing People!

I want to ask you something.

Over the years I’ve been asked to give personal art lessons. Instead I’ve been going to schools, doing workshops, and using my art as both a teaching tool and as a way to promote cooperation in communities. For me art has not just been about painting a picture, but something I feel is far more important.

Art has been my path to reach a deeper understanding of what it takes to be successful both professionally and personally.

I’ve had my highs and lows and learned A LOT along the way and nothing gets me more excited and to feel more in purpose with my life than to share these things.

My question is simple:

Would this be something you’d be interested in hearing about? Would it be of value if I were to put together the most important things I’ve learned about art and provide them to you?

I’m talking about people with no skills who are just starting out.

I’m also talking about artists who are further along and want to learn the final keys that I believe would work for anyone to take their work to the next level.

And even more important I’m talking about learning powerful ways of thinking about life and creativity that let you leave your troubles behind and open up to all the wayyy more awesome things in store for you!

Basically, I’m talking about a few simple steps that will improve your art, your career and your life.

I have decades of experience and feel like I really want to share it on a larger stage than I have been.

So what would you like to learn? What would be the biggest questions you have and the most important things you’ve always wanted to get a handle on or get better at? Please leave a comment below to let me know. I want to create something special that will really help people.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.



Snow Snow Snow

Boreal Morning
12″ x 16″
Mixed Media on Canvas

Life in the North is a different kind of thing. Where I am, we are just on the verge of the Great White Expanse. In my journeys up to the Northwest Territories and throughout Northern Alberta there is one thing I’ve come to understand and appreciate.

They make them different up here. Like a Raven we’ll caw and complain but in the end, we get to work. We live through the mountains of snow and ice, we help dig out our neighbours, we still do our jobs and take care of our families.

Sometimes we’ll get that far away look, that thousand yard stare, and everyone who lives here knows what it’s like to get that need to go, to leave to walk away into the wilderness and never come back. I think it’s the balance we have to strike between our animal nature and the demands of a modern life.

Yes, it’s cold, people die of exposure, tips of ears or fingers can freeze away if you get caught in it, but it’s also our blessing. We don’t flood, we don’t shake, we just freeze. And the spring always comes. Is it possible that one day, after we’ve wrecked it enough that it will all change? Of course. Maybe one year it will freeze and it will stay frozen. It’s happened before to this earth of ours, and it can happen again.

So we do what we must. We recycle, we eat less, we waste less. or at least we try. Will it be enough?

This vast wilderness is our home, and looking out at the mountains of snow I feel a soft calm. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I know without a doubt that everything will be fine. We may have our long dark night, but out of the dawn we’ll see the distance, the puff of breath in the cold air, and at last the sunrise.


They Will Return

Sleeping Buffalo (Tunnel Mountain)
12″ x 16″
Mixed Media on Canvas

This mountain can be found in Banff National Park – Alberta, Canada.

It’s mostly known by another name: Tunnel Mountain

The story goes that when the buffalo where decimated by the newcomers, Mother Earth had compassion on the once great herds and took the remaining free buffalo and led them to the mountains. There she opened a way for them, allowing them to pass through into safety, and there they sleep, waiting for the day when they can roam free once again.

The mountain itself looks like a buffalo at rest and legend has it that when the mountain starts to move, the mighty herds will return to spread their thunder once again.


Moon Shadows and Stuff

Solstice in the New World
18″ x 24″
Mixed Media on Canvas

This past December saw the Winter Solstice arrive with a bang: a full lunar eclipse. Here in Western Canada, it began before midnight and ended in the early morning hours. I stayed up to watch the event unfold, as did many others. We are far removed from the days when such phenomena were frightening and unexplained and that can lead us into a sense that such events are unimportant.

Just because we can explain a thing scientifically, however, does not mean that we understand it or that it is simply another event of slight interest only because it is remarked on by a few people on either side of the scientific or spiritual fringe.

In other words: just because you are not aware of the importance of an event doesn’t mean it won’t affect your life!

We live in a time where an astounding number of people are awakening to their own existence and seeing that there is a curable madness inherent in it. The sheer waste we produce, both physically and emotionally is changing the face of the planet. This solstice marks that awareness and even better, the will to do something about it.

Some people still believe that forcing others to their viewpoint will make for a better world for our children’s children. Some people despair that nothing can be done anyway, so why get worked up about it? But some change themselves.

That’s it. Some people change themselves.

It’s really that simple. Behind all the fears, illusions, and defeats is one simple truth: to change the world, change yourself.

Speak more gently, speak your truth more clearly. Act in ways that are in keeping with your values. Like it or not, we are all responsible for the fate of our planet and for each other. We are all one tribe, one people, and turning our eyes away from the suffering our privileged lifestyles cause to our family in poorer countries only harms ourselves.

Be aware. That’s how you change. Changing isn’t a process of fighting yourself, of straining and stressing, it’s simply awareness. Be aware and the change will come as naturally as breathing.

Be honest. Be aware.

As the Sun, Earth and moon aligned, so too can our thoughts, words and actions.

As the Solstice marked the end of the darkness, and as it was broken with the moon slipping out from shadow into light, so too can our lives be illuminated by the gift of awareness.

Solstice in the New World.

Pretty cool, huh?


Shifting Patterns Starts Thursday 6pm!

A tiny window into Profiles Gallery on Tuesday as we set up the show…

Shifting Patterns

June 3 – July 3

Profiles Gallery

19 Perron Street

St. Albert, AB

T: 780.460.4310

No Cover, No Charge, all are welcome. Tea and bannock will be served (and why wouldn’t it?)

Here’s a handy dandy maparino:

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Shifting Patterns in St.Albert and a New Podcast

I’ve been working with the really amazing women at St. Albert’s Profiles Gallery to curate a new show. Here’s the info:

From artifact to craft to contemporary artwork, Canada’s First Nations have been breaking the molds history has placed on them and are claiming their right to their past and their future. World-renowned artist Alex Janvier set the stage for generations of new artists, pioneering a stunning new direction in Canadian painting. George Littlechild’s poignant explorations of family and identity take us forward into this new world. His paintings give voice and pride to a more open view of Euro-Indigenous relations. Bert Crowfoot – publisher, writer and photographer – captures the world through his lens in his stunning photographic work. Dianne Meili engages in an exploration of clay work and sculpture, putting a modern twist on an ancient artform. Paul Smith, painter and curator, challenges our notions of communication and personal meanings. Finally, Heather Shillinglaw takes us back to her roots with mixed media paintings that bring to mind the patterns on a kokum’s dress, the medicines from the land, and the flowering of a new era.

From past to present and looking to our shared future, these artists are part of a growing voice that embraces our history and reclaims our purpose, strength and unity. Shifting attitudes, shifting perceptions and shifting thoughts. They reflect the changing pattern of our society and light the way as we go forward together. ~Aaron Paquette, Guest Curator

Please join us for the Opening Reception and Art Exhibition on Thursday, June 3rd from 6 to 9pm. Musical entertainment provided by Visionary Entertainment Inc. Opening Reception takes place with the 8th Annual St.Albert Artwalk.


If you’re feeling too lazy too read all that, or you just want to hear the soothing sound of my voice, hit up the podcast:

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