You can’t hit a target you can’t see

Buffalo Woman16" x 20"Mixed Media on Art Board2010Sometimes I work with schools and kids and the message I try to leave is to have actual achievable goals. After you have a few achievable short term goals, then dream bigger than big. Dream ridiculously impossible stuff.If you aim for the impossible, what you determine to be [...]

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A Prayer

Thunderherd28" x 22"Mixed Media on Canvas2010Where are my brothers?Where is the thunder?Where is the passing stormthat leaves destruction and new lifein it's wake?They are goneThey are goneInto the bosom of the MotherInto the MountainThey are goneThey will return.

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They Will Return

Sleeping Buffalo (Tunnel Mountain)12" x 16"Mixed Media on Canvas2010This mountain can be found in Banff National Park - Alberta, Canada.It's mostly known by another name: Tunnel MountainThe story goes that when the buffalo where decimated by the newcomers, Mother Earth had compassion on the once great herds and took the remaining free buffalo and led [...]