Snow Snow Snow

Boreal Morning12" x 16"Mixed Media on Canvas2010Life in the North is a different kind of thing. Where I am, we are just on the verge of the Great White Expanse. In my journeys up to the Northwest Territories and throughout Northern Alberta there is one thing I've come to understand and appreciate.They make them different [...]

By | January 17th, 2011|Aaron Paquette, cold, morning, raven, sunrise, winter|2 Comments

Thanks to Everyone who came out! It was great to meet so many amazing people. The gallery was absolutely alive with your energy.

Deep In The Winter Wood24" x 40"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2007Once Upon a Time, this is how it was. It was just like this...Snow covered the rolling hills, a cool blanket over a sleeping companion. The night was alive with the twinkling crystal air, and the naked trees stretched out silvery limbs to the hard, unblinking gaze [...]

Edmonton SunsetSometimes living in the city can be all right. Despite the traffic, the tension, and the general brown slush mixture of city streets, there are these gorgeous, glowing moments. Maybe I should start a series of "sunsets from my studio window". One a week, at least for a year.

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