They Will Return

Sleeping Buffalo (Tunnel Mountain)12" x 16"Mixed Media on Canvas2010This mountain can be found in Banff National Park - Alberta, Canada.It's mostly known by another name: Tunnel MountainThe story goes that when the buffalo where decimated by the newcomers, Mother Earth had compassion on the once great herds and took the remaining free buffalo and led [...]

The Bearclaw Gallery PresentsTRICKSTERNew Works by Aaron PaquetteMarch 3 - March 15 2007artist will be in attendance 2-4pm opening dayGrandfather RabbitMixed Mediaon Canvas12" x 16"2007The rabbit is an archetypal trickster figure be it from ancient legends to B'rer Rabbit, to Bugs Bunny - a trickster and a culture hero.In this portrait, I decided to show [...]