Acrylic, Oil, Fabric and
Gold Leaf on Canvas

As much as I identify with the raven, I have to acknowledge the power the rabbit has played in my life. Anytime I have made an important decision I have immediately seen a rabbit to let me know I chose correctly. In this painting the rabbit is ahead of its time. The landscape is still that drying rust of change. Plants have yet to sleep and here is the rabbit clothed in white, camouflaged from nothing. A prescient understanding of what is to come? A careful nudge in the right direction?

All I know is that whatever the message, there is an innate and quiet understanding here. One full of breath and open spaces.

Thanks to Everyone who came out! It was great to meet so many amazing people. The gallery was absolutely alive with your energy.

Deep In The Winter Wood
24″ x 40″
Mixed Media
on Canvas


Once Upon a Time, this is how it was. It was just like this…Snow covered the rolling hills, a cool blanket over a sleeping companion. The night was alive with the twinkling crystal air, and the naked trees stretched out silvery limbs to the hard, unblinking gaze of a thousand thousand stars, appearing closer than they had ever been before, perhaps seeking refuge from the yawning emptiness of the eternal void, perhaps forgetting that the emptiness was their mother and father both. Perhaps just lonely on such a silent night. The moon was just climbing over the edge of the world when silently, on padded toes, Rabbit stepped out of the darkness, and at almost the same time, Raven shuffled into the light.

Raven had kept his Dreamer, or perhaps it was the other way around. Nevertheless, he was looking two places at once, as Ravens do, while Rabbit kept his silence. After all, it was his very own to keep.

It was the subject of his life, tonight, of which he was not entirely certain. Still, he had come, deep in a winter wood, silent but for the Raven’s rasp. The breath of a talker, a forager, a scavenger.

The sussuration of a predator’s song.

But Rabbit had something else in store tonight. A surprise.

The Bearclaw Gallery Presents

New Works by Aaron Paquette

March 3 – March 15 2007
artist will be in attendance 2-4pm opening day

Grandfather Rabbit
Mixed Media
on Canvas
12″ x 16″

The rabbit is an archetypal trickster figure be it from ancient legends to B’rer Rabbit, to Bugs Bunny – a trickster and a culture hero.

In this portrait, I decided to show the old fellow a little on in years. His eyes have seen mirth, but also sadness, and I think it’s this sadness that gives the trickster his impetus, his drive to create temporary instability. The role of the trickster, ultimately, is to teach.

This grandfather rabbit has seen it all (or so he thinks) and when roused he can still pull off some real hijinks. If truth be told, he may not even be so old as he appears! He brings frustration, confusion, anger, and above all, and most importantly, laughter.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say about this little warrior is that he laughs so he doesn’t have to cry.