Mama – In Progress
Ink and Graphite on Paper

Today I thought I’d share with you a work in progress. I draw, but rarely consider the drawings a finished work of art. I’m trying to overcome that self imposed bias. I’m thinking about adding a few washes of colour to this piece once the inking is complete.

In working on a few pieces like this lately Ive found I’ve had to let go of the crutch of colour and paint (which it really can become!) and rely on the concept, the learned skill of a steady hand and deliberate mark making. I’ve had to allow my idea to be stripped bare of it’s multi-hued clothing and stand on it’s own.

Creating art tends to draw my focus inward and I inevitably begin asking what other crutches I’m using in life, what other ways am I “dressing things up” so that I don’t have to look at the stark truth.

Am I being honest enough? Am I being open enough?

It’s in the the places we feel most vulnerable that we have the opportunity for the most growth so I welcome the questions. And, just like getting down to work on a drawing, I can get down to work on being more loving, supportive and giving to those around me, but even more importantly, to myself.

That’s right! All the good qualities you want to share with other people, just heap them onto yourself. Give yourself patience, time, love, motivation and ALL that awesome good stuff.

If you’re selfish with yourself, how can you be generous with others? Well, let’s be honest- it all starts with you. Be healthy, happy, joyful and super cool. Then spread it around like Nutella.

Can you dig it?



Moon Song
9″ x 6″
Mixed Media on Canvas

Go into the wild. Don’t let yourself be trapped by city lights like a deer in the middle of the road. Get out, get away, get free.

If we are separated from the land for too long we start to lose our true, wild selves in gray and steel. We lose our connection to the earth. That means that we lose our connection to nature and each other.

My sons asked if miracles happen.

We are surrounded by miracles!

In this endless universe we are the only conscious life we have ever known. This planet is a rare and precious thing, the only living planet we have seen! With telescopes we cast farther and farther, looking for a duplicate, a sister, to this Mother Earth.

There is none that we know of.

Every breath we take, every seed that grows, every new life – all are miracles.

Never doubt that you are special. Because we are each of us a part of billions we forget it. We forget because no one reminds us. I will remind you.

I will remind you that you are worth everything that has happened. Billions of years of stars and dust, lives lived, children born, all to make you. You are a gift.

You are a gift and have been given a gift so precious it only exists here on earth: life!

Life that knows it’s alive!

We are the children of the universe, you and I. We are all connected.

Go into the wild. Press your bare feet against the soil and feel the heartbeat of your loving mother who provided such a special place for you to live. Remember how beautiful it all is. Forget dogma, forget hate, forget tribe and nation. Return to the wild and remember that we are a family and this is our home.

The lone wolf will return to it’s pack. You have been alone too long. Come back to your family.

Come back.