R evol ution



The word conjures up crazy stuff.


That’s because the Western world sees it as an upheaval. War. Blood in the streets.


Bear with me, this gets more positive, but first some realities:


The Occupy movement, while peaceful, still provokes a violent response. Probably because 1. If you are a hammer, every problem looks like a nail (in other words, if you are in law enforcement, you enforce – this is a generalization. I know awesome cops), 2. Many in the Occupy tent aren’t there to be present, they are there to fight an ideology. It’s in the polarizing language itself.


Many Indigenous Aboriginal Groups and Nations would like a revolution and sometimes they take up arms to protest development on sacred and traditional lands and things like that.


So these are the problems we face. The biggest is the idea that each others’ blood will wash away the crimes of the world. Is it just me, or does that sound pretty unsustainable?


Let me share with you another concept.


We are always in a state of revolution. The entire universe is based on it. We orbit, we spin, we trail along in the long arm of our galaxy in a cosmic round dance. We revolve. And as luck would have it, we evolve.


Our Evolution is our Revolution.


Pretty. But what does it mean?


It means that if we can see all things as our ancestors taught then we can lay aside our anger and our polarizing ideas. They taught that we are connected to all the things on the planet, that we are truly family. They put it in these words:


All Our Relations.


As counter intuitive as it may seem, sometimes the path to our better future lays directly on the road laid out from the past. And this path is a simple one.


Whenever you have a choice to make in your life, business, politics, whatever it may be, do it with this question in mind:


How will this affect the seventh generation from today?


In other words, what kind of world will we leave to those innocent babies who will be born in that far off day? It may seem to you that your choices are not important but just like money that gets compounded annually, your actions compound over time as well. Your small life has an enormous impact.


What are you sending forward?


You may be thinking, that’s all well and good, but how does it fix anything today? Where’s the revolution you were talking about?


Well, that brings me to my last point and you probably won’t like it at first, but then you’ll really start to like it after you live with it for a while:


You are lazy and only think about your small circle.


Ouch. And true.


You have a heck of a lot more to offer this world than you are currently giving out. You know for sure that’s a true statement. You have been hurt, made to feel small, done things you’re ashamed of, and so on. Yes, this is all true and it is terrible indeed. This is the main reason we have so many problems in the first place. Everyone is damaged.


We’re damaged to the point of immobility. We have been so hurt that we are paralyzed by it. We rarely take any action.


Not to improve even our own lives! much less the lives of others. Or even, if you can imagine wielding such power: the life of the planet.


And that’s tough to do because you have been taught that you don’t have power. Not really.


Oh, you’ve gotten the motivational posters and quotes from facebook. You’ve been inspired. And for brief moments you even touched that amazing place inside of you that says “Yes! I can do it!”


And you marvel. Sometimes you did! Sometimes you took responsibility for your health or your finances or your relationships. And if so, you are the rare one. Most people will never know how much power they have in their hands.


But they will!


And here’s where it gets very exciting. Here’s where the revolution begins.


If you are reading this today you have one job and one job only and if you do it you will change the world.


Your job is to find your power. Here’s a hint: it’s inside of you.


Here’s what you do with it: Serve.  Love and serve. Even if your job is shoveling fish guts, do it in a manner of love and service. Spend at least an hour a week serving someone with no expectation for a reward.


If you do this you will feel something growing inside you. If you love and serve and forgive everyone you meet, and if you do it in a gentle, respectful way – you will feel a fire grow in your heart.


If you will give yourself the exact same gift you extend to others, the love, the respect, the forgiveness – you will strengthen that fire and people will see the light of it in your eyes.


If you will nurture that fire by speaking your gentle truth, acting on your gentle truth and living in your gentle truth you will share that fire with the world.


Stop being lazy.


Love others. Love yourself. Especially those who would hurt you or disagree with you. Always seek to find a way to accomplish what needs to be done in this spirit of service and you won’t move mountains, you will move the universe!


This is the most practical advice you have ever received in your entire life.


In case you are tempted to think this is some new age ideal let me assure you it is simply the best way to live period. If you live from this place your entire life will get better, I promise you that.


You will make a difference publicly.


Start speaking. Start voting your truth instead of your fear. Start helping. All it takes is one or two hours a week. Just like that compound interest we talked about earlier, your actions will gain interest too and echo across the generations.   


Right now the world is run on fear and greed? Why?


Is your life run on fear and greed? Your friends? Your community?




Then not only can things change, things must change, and they will change.


But you have to see that you are connected. You have to see that you are an integral part of the world.


You have to act as though you have a job to do. And you do. It’s to be awesome.


So Serve.


Serve your Self.


Serve your Family.


Serve All Your Relations.


Everything in this Universe has it’s time.


This is the Evolution of Our Revolution.


And it starts right now.



R evol ution

iPad2 – nerdy thoughts today for a better tomorrow

Last year around this time I wrote about the new iPad and how it would be great as a creative tool. I decided to wait until Apple got a few of the kinks out and straightened out the edges, so to speak. Behold, iPad 2. With the touch of a finger or a third party stylus, the iPad can function as both a quick, on the spot sketchbook and a way to test out different colour combinations on the fly. With a built in camera I can snap a photo of a piece I’m working on and quickly throw in different colours. This saves me from doing little colour sketches. Plus I can save my colour swatches for future reference.


So I was thinking about Apple and love the company or hate it you’ve got to admit they’ve revolutionized the way we look at technology. Steve Jobs always talks about how it has to be more than just the specs, but how the tech meets the liberal arts, the humanities.

Because of his vision, he is almost singlehandedly moving the world into what he calls the “Post-PC” era. As an artist, I am very drawn to Apple for my tech stuff and I’m grateful for the aesthetics, the ease and intuitive User Interface, and the streamlined way I can work, write, and communicate.

It got me to thinking about what the world would be like without Apple, how further behind we might be. There are exciting times ahead, and with the advent of user-friendly content creation, FaceTime and Cloud storage (putting your files in the internet instead of on a hard drive), there is the opportunity to be well-informed, take action, and come closer together as a human race.

Suddenly my Mom’s hippy generation has seen the corporate world catch up to their vision. At a price, of course, so we’re not completely there.

But here’s the thing. A world without Apple, and specifically Steve Jobs (who was also CEO of PIXAR, turning into the company it became), would mean that there would be none of this streamlined creativity going on. At least not on such a large scale.

Now, understandably, with it’s “closed system” there is less customization possible, and iTunes locks people into one way of purchasing music, movies, books, etc. But there are always alternatives out there.

And alternatives is what this whole article is about.

If we lived in the Apple-less world, we’d be just fine. I for one am glad for the reality we have but then…what if…?

What if there is an even more innovative way to look at art, human experience and tech that we are just not seeing? What if there is an explosive and dynamic vision that no one is taking the time to dream up? If tech+liberal arts=apple, well, aren’t here other intersections that could be even more compelling?

What if artists, musicians, writers came together with programmers, hardware creators and industrial designers. Then this group hooked up with humanitarians, volunteers, and healers?

What I’m saying is that there are even more visionary possibilities out there. All it takes is someone with the drive and capability to bring it together. All it takes is for someone to look at our awesome little boxes, portable or not and ask:

What’s next?

What can we do with all this human ingenuity and passion? Are there any limits to beauty we can make?

Are there any limits to the healing we can bring to the planet and to each other?

Perhaps it seems silly to ask these questions with technology as the nucleus but I don’t think so.

Technology equals telepathy.

With technology we read each other’s thoughts. Right now you are reading mine. If you comment, I will then know yours in turn, and so on.

From cave paintings, to hieroglyphs to pixels on a screen. From grunts to speech to song. From gestures to acting to dancing. We have evolved our communication. We have been striving for millenia to understand each other.

And to be understood.

When we have the technology to make ourselves known and to know others, we have reached a place where we can talk instead of fight. Instead of being scared, hurt or offended, we can simply ask: what do you mean? What was your intent? Why?

We can find the places where we connect, and through our interactions come away changed.

And it can be fun!

Apple has made computers fun. Facebook has made keeping in touch an absolute addiction. When it comes to communicating, where do we go next? What’s the third heat?

I like to imagine there is someone out there who has a seed that is growing, an idea, a spark that is being carefully nurtured and they are on the cusp of creating something truly game changing.

Then again, maybe that’s all of us. Maybe in these days of war and environmental and economic concern, when people are raising their voices and demanding freedom from repression, maybe it’s no one person. Maybe it’s all of us.

Is there a beautiful and righteous wind at our backs? Have we come these crossroads in human history, ready to make the world a paradise?

Why not?

Let’s do it.

And let’s do it now.

Love, laugh, and give.

Give yourself to life, and let life give back. Stand up for your brothers and sisters, and ask them to stand up for you. Let go of the shackles of expectations, traditions, and old beliefs that make us hate or be angry, or worse: afraid.

There’s an amazing future just around the corner and it doesn’t want to be a far-off land, it wants us to live it today. Well, I see by the clock it’s already 5:45pm MST, so…maybe we do it tomorrow.

But one of these days has just got to be THE day.

And if a little company in Cupertino can make an iPad out of materials that already exist, why can’t we make this a better world, a World 2.0, with all the amazing souls that are already here?

Well, I think we can.