Lightfinder – Upcoming Novel


Aisling has always been plagued by dreams, but just as they’ve gotten more intense, tragedy strikes the family and changes her life forever. Setting out with a wise old woman with ancient knowledge that can unlock her dreams, she must find the secret to her power and save not only her brother, but the entire world. Unexpected adventures, breakneck speed and a secret as old as time combine to take Aisling on a journey even beyond her strangest dreams.


Lightfinder is the working title of my fictional Young Adult novel. I’m 3/4  finished the first draft and it’s rolling along. I plan on having everything edited and ready to go for sometime late May/early June.

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I’ve already sent one person Chapter 2, so I may end up sending it out. I’m really excited about this book. People who have picked it up have not put it down, and I didn’t even slip any superglue onto the pages. I know artists aren’t supposed to toot their own horns, but what can I say? It’s my first baby!