Cree8 Your Life

Change Your Life in 8 Seconds With 8 Simple Steps Have you ever felt that your life could be more than it is? Have you ever looked at someone else who seems to have achieved happiness, success, and wealth and asked yourself: how did they do it? Have you ever looked up into the night [...]

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School Visits & Workshops

Looking for an Artist in Residence? I'm available for workshops for your conference or group, or you can have me in for an in-depth art experience. I will work closely with you to make sure my visit is a great one for your organization. A decade of working one-on-one and in group settings has made [...]

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Half Breed Clothing Line

What is this all about? Well, the smaller this world gets, the more couples from different backgrounds are hooking up. The result is a growing population of people like me and probably you! Kids with mixed heritage. Whether Metis, Heinz 57, Mulatto, Eurasian, half Irish-half Scots…whatever! We’re all in this crazy experiment together. And here’s [...]

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