Alberta ArtSpeak

excerpt: That’s the great thing about the Arts too – the forgiving flexibility of discipline, the unexpected increase in appreciation for something when the rules are harmlessly bent even just a little.  The Elementary School kids came over for a walk through the Aaron Paquette exhibit this week.  Imagine the kind of limitations a ‘paintings [...]

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Article by Scott Hayes

excerpt: Guest curated by still young but already well established Métis painter Aaron Paquette, the show immerses you in the world of First Nations through painting, photography and sculpture. There are a lot of meaningful images that swirl through the artists' minds and spirits. It's a blessing to experience how those ideas are transformed into [...]

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Painting Out The Grey – by Darcy Nybo

Aaron Paquette went home and sat himself down and asked himself the hard question. “If I could only paint one painting in my life – what would it look like?” When Aaron Paquette was three he saw his first painting, and remembers being amazed at how all the separate little marks grew together to become [...]

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Dante’s Heart Magazine

Here is an excerpt from the interview: I think we are drawn to birds first and most simply because they can fly. The story of Icarus daring to reach for the sun is locked in our collective subconscious. The air is a place for men to go in dreams, not reality! Modern technology has broken [...]

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