What People Are Saying…

“I just wanted to thank you for coming out to Lamont- the students really responded to you being there.  I also know that so many of my art students appreciated that you came and shared your creativity with them!  The pictures that the students created will be going up on our website and they’ll also be in our art show that we’ll be having in May- I’ll make sure to send you the link to the website and pics when we have them up!
I hope that you realize how much of an impact that you have on young people, and that from what I’ve seen- you have helped them to keep looking for that creativity which is within them!” -Stacey Keeler


“Aaron is one of the most ‘complete’ artists I have had the pleasure of interviewing. His intelligence and caring are equally matched by his talent. It is an honour to have interviewed him.” -Darcy Nybo


“Thanks again for coming to Sherwood Heights to teach my students about Totem paintings! They had a great time, and their work looks awesome.” -E. Hill


“Paquette…is a specialist in the humanities and an artist whose paintings and other creations not only have a unique artistic flair, but also the ability to create awareness, inspire awe and offer up visions that can only be described by those who have seen the work. He’s an artist, a poet, a storyteller, experienced facilitator, trainer, engaging public speaker and a visionary who puts family first. He praises his mother, gives thanks to the Creator, remembers his roots and all the while questions and challenges assumptions and preconceptions because he’s come to understand and appreciate “our interconnectedness as human beings.” – John Copley, writer, ANN