It’s an Honour to be Nominated!

…I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to say that.

I’ve been nominated for a 2011 Aurora Award in the category of Best Artist for:


A New Season by Aaron Paquette



Aaron Paquette, “A New Season” cover art, On Spec Spring


What are the Auroras?

Well, if you’ve ever read any sci-fi or fantasy, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the Hugos and Nebulas. The Auroras are the Canadian equivalent to these awards. For a life long fan and avid reader of speculative fiction in general this is a HUGE honour and one I never expected.


As a child, reading was one of the only escapes I had from what was sometimes an overwhelming life.

It gave me a place to live for small moments of time where heroes existed, where smarts and daring could change not only  a life, but an entire universe. It was a portal to possibilities and freedom. Beyond the books themselves were the covers. The artwork, the care an artist took in crafting a thought, a scene, a feeling. The best covers to me were the ones that let me step through into a place of dreams, that left what I was seeing open to interpretation and seemed to demand that I take the time to engage with the visuals in front of me.


To be counted among those people who gave me such moments of peace and succor from painful realities is a dream in itself. And I am indeed honoured just for the nomination.


Of course, I would love to win this award!

If you’ve ever been affected by my paintings or my words, I would ask for your vote.

It’s not the smallest thing to ask for. First of all, it takes your time and I know that. It also means becoming a member of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (free!). Voting begins in early June.

Here’s the link:

Membership Form

Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me with purchases, with sharing my work with others, or simply with your kind words that mean so much to me. Please continue to lend me your support and I’ll continue to share the visions the Creator shares with me.


In all humbleness and gratitude,