We Slept on Beaver Hill
3 3/4” x 4 3/4
Walnut Ink
on Paper


The Edmonton Area used to be called Beaver Hills by the Indigenous people who first lived here. It was a resource rich landscape with hunting, berries, water, trees…everything needed to live well and without fear of hunger or want. Little wonder the Hudson’s Bay Company decided to set up shop. Fort Edmonton was the last outpost before the great, lonely journey to the North and provided a means of trade and peaceable co-existence (for the most part) between the European settlers and the First Nations people. For a time, it offered a possibility of a future wherein both cultures would be equals. Those days are long gone, as are the times before that, but even in fading memory is the knowledge that once, we slept on Beaver Hill.

TinTin in Edmonton (and Area)

Blistering Barnacles! I want to thank the very intrepid reporters who spent some time with me over the past few weeks. They’re all good writers and they all have a different story to tell, so I recommend you pick up or purchase hundreds of thousands of copies of each of their respective papers. Or better yet, (hic!) buy millions and millions in advertising space!

Gilbert Bouchard
Writer for The Edmonton Journal, Where Edmonton, and correspondent for CBC’s RadioActive arts beat. His article comes out Friday.

Mike Brown
Writer and Editor for the Special Sections of The Edmonton Sun. His piece comes out Thursday (tomorrow!).

Darren Zenko
Writer and reviewer for VUE Weekly Magazine. This one’s free, so even if you’re as poor as I have been many times in life, you can still pick up this issue. Darren is also one of the writers in BookTelevision’s “3-Day Novel contest”. The show is on it’s third week, so check it out. He is also the author of more than a few books and he happens to keep a site (hint to Gilbert and Mike) which you can check out from my links. His story comes out Thursday (tomorrow) as well.

Just a reminder that my show begins on Saturday. Bring your friends and make a day of it! 124st has a ton of other galleries, so take in some culture if it interests you. There are also a number of amazing little cafe’s and bistros and tea shops and shopping. Sort of like Whyte without the detritus of the nightlife. I hope to see you there!

(By the way, if you have a clever header for this post, I’d be glad to hear it)

Edmonton Sunset

Sometimes living in the city can be all right. Despite the traffic, the tension, and the general brown slush mixture of city streets, there are these gorgeous, glowing moments. Maybe I should start a series of “sunsets from my studio window”. One a week, at least for a year.