The world already has free energy.

It’s called the Sun.

If as much resources were put into harnessing that unimaginable power as into maintaining the profits of corporations who would destroy God’s creation we could live in a virtual paradise.

This isn’t a screed against anything, it’s only a reminder of our true heart’s desires. A reminder of our true and ancient values.

Most wars are fought over scarcity of resources. Most wars today are over oil. Ideology, religion, these are simply fronts and tools used by those in power to divert you from the true cause: Maintaining the status quo.

It will change in our lifetime.

Because there is another power waiting to be unleashed.

Your personal awakening. Of waking to the light.

The power of the worlds people combined in positive thought and energy.

When a billion people desire the same thing and move toward it, no man can stop it.

And we desire it.

We desire freedom.

We desire a world for our grandchildren and theirs – and theirs! where their potential can be fully realized, where they sleep safe at night and have clean food to eat, clean water to drink.

We have been waiting, waiting, waiting…

And now it’s time.

Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, we are emerging from the restrictive power of greed and emptiness into a world of our own making.

A world where we are guided by the Creator and by sense and science.

A world of giving, building and helping each other.

Many people fear this because they fear the unknown, they can’t walk that razor’s edge, that uncertainty. But like the surfer finding the tube, you have to trust. You have to believe. You have to see it before it can ever happen.

And then you have to work for it.

It’s time.

It’s the beautiful, hoped for time.

And you are here to make it happen.

Hiy hiy.

I actually finished a new painting…

I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been a rough little while. But the fact that I was able to finish a painting tells me that the arrows are beginning to point in the right direction again. Which is a huge relief. I have a couple deadlines that have passed and I’ve had nothing to show for it. Trust me, that’s bad. So, with a fresh breath of air, and the ability to smile really big again, I give you the beginning of my own fresh start:

A New Season

The snows are retreating, the icy wind blows a last time across the land, hair is whipped by the last gasp of winter’s chill. The flowers begin to bloom and the long night has been replaced by the eternal day. Mother Earth watches it unfold in serenity and patience, knowing the flow of time is like a river that carves deep into our souls, digging deep channels of habit and forgetfulness if we are not aware of it. But the Old Crow, the Irascible Raven, that black bird who takes many forms, reminds us. He watches with an eye that he hopes seems disinterested but I see right through him. He watches me, you, all of us. Always curious, always wondering, what will these bright shiny things do next? As soon as we fall asleep he is there, beating wings of wind and fury.

“Wake Up!”

“Wake Up!” he cries, throat broken and urgent.

And we do, realizing that as we slept we lost something in the river. For a while we are dazed by our sleep, but when the fog clears we realize that we were dreaming in the wrong place. To dream while aware, that’s the true power. Old Bird settles back down to watch again with his fierce eye. And Mother Earth watches softly.


Time slips like silk through the fingers

Detail of “Koi
Mixed Media on Canvas
24″ x 36″

Well, now.

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here and much has happened. Too much to put it all down in the short time I have available to me right now.

So instead of looking back, let’s look forward to the future, all the way to the end of the month and then….beyond!

First, there’s a Christmas show coming up at the Bearclaw Gallery on November 29th. I’ll have some work there, and so will such great and wonderful painters as Jane Ash Poitras, Alex Janvier and John Roumbough.

I’m quite excited to see what they have on offer. I know John painted a lot of pieces for this, and Jane and Alex are both prolific. I’m the only one who spends a lifetime on every painting, I think. The others use the experience of their lifetimes to create their beautiful work.

Next up is the Art Gallery of Alberta’s Travelling Exhibit Program. They send shows up and all over Northern, Central and down to Southern Alberta. I’ll have a solo show that begins its run in January and goes for at least one year. When I’m more clear on the opening dates I’ll give a buzz.


On another note, seeing as how Christmas has snuck up on me unprepared, I’m putting out the word:

I’m open for a few private commissions.

Not a lot, just a couple to get some grease under the wheels and get the train moving again. I’ll be honest, I’ve recently had some devastating news and being able to pour my thought, heart and positive energy into your painting will really be a help to me.

So, if you’ve always wanted to get a portrait done, a landscape, or just something cool or meaningful, get in touch.

This applies as gifts or corporate art to bring a little spirit to the offices as well. And of course, the spots will fill up, so get in touch as soon as you can if it’s important to you.

See you around!



And now for an update.

In the space of just a few hours, I have gone from feeling empty, devastated, but determined…to something completely different.

I was writing this down:

I am grateful
I am grateful for gratitude!
Gratitude allows me to choose to live out of love instead of fear
When I choose to live out of love, it is like a weight is lifted from my shoulders, just lifted right up, and the clouds part and sunlight comes streaming in to fill my body.

And you know what? As I wrote it, I felt it happen, and as I felt it happen I felt something wonderful. My true self, who this week had been peeking his head out from behind my fear to test the waters and make a stand, well…my true self lost all hesitancy.

My true self that loves, and has no fear, has finally arrived. There is a timeless, free feeling to it, an opening of my heart like a flower. And the wind and the roughness of this life can’t touch it, delicate as it is, because it’s the strongest thing in the universe.

Oh, the body that holds it, my body, can return to the dust of this sweet earth, but the love that this flower represents, this fearless thing, I think that it’s eternal. At least timeless, and isn’t that the same thing?

At this moment, and perhaps it is a fleeting thing, but it doesn’t feel fleeting, I am filled with a wonderful altruistic love for all people, all creatures, all life, and even the stone. Gratitude.

I remembered to remember. I have supreme but gentle confidence and see the unfolding petals of love. The petals are numberless and constantly unfolding, unfolding, and unfolding again, always revealing a new and varied beauty.

Pretty cool, huh?

If this passes, it passes, but at this moment I am the centre of supreme patience, compassion, and understanding. There is no such thing as someone or something being against me, only against love. All enemies fear and fear and fear, and lose themselves in an endless spiral of ever shrinking thoughts until there isn’t even an awareness of fear, only hate, spite, and anger. All lovers love in the opposite spiral…the true love that neither takes nor demands, and neither does it give, not in the sense we’re used to.

The true love just is. I can’t explain it better. It just is and is pure joy, and the joy radiates joy and accepts joy. There’s no fear because fear is the great lie and love is the great truth.

I know this sounds a little nuts, but honestly, I don’t have better words at the moment. I hope these are doing the trick!

I’ll make a confession, because I have no shame to worry about. I have been holding onto a piece of my heart, holding it back in reserve because even though I was in a loving relationship, I was scared that it might crash, and if I had put all my heart into it, I’d have nothing left to myself, nothing to survive on.

ha! There’s an infinite supply of strength, I just had to let go of what I thought was important: me. I had to let go and allow…that’s it. Simply allow love to fill me without fighting it or fearing it.

Many reading this may know what I mean. Maybe some reading this are holding onto their own little pocket of fear.

If you’re not, then you know what I mean when I say that the moment I began to leave my fear behind is the moment I allowed my heart to begin to open and I found that I have a supremely more powerful friend than my little fear pocket.

I have the unfolding flower.

Every petal sends out a wave of love and I choose to accept it, to leave my “important concerns” behind and instead be my true self.

We all have a true self.

Hey me, you rock!

And so do you!

Burning Bridges

One thing I hear a lot from other First Nations artists/performers is the desire to build a bridge between two cultures. I think I’ve even said the same thing before. For what it is, it seems like a pretty fantastic ideal. I’m in complete support of it.

However, it occurs to me these days that I don’t want to build a bridge. There are already so many bridges that no one seems to want to cross.

How about this idea? Obliterate the need for a bridge. No more huge chasm of difference between First Nations and the larger Canadian society. Instead of spanning this Great Divide, maybe it’s time to start thinking about closing it. I’m not talking about conforming to one another, either.

I’m a part of the First Nations community, I’m also part of the ‘white’ community, in no small part thanks to my parents for finding each other so darned attractive. Other so called halfbreeds with whom I’ve spoken feel much the same way:

It’s time for these destructive racial issues to end.

And do you think I’m just talking to Paleface, here? Not a chance. There is just as much resentment and racism going the other way, too. It’s there on both sides, might as well just admit it.

Get it out into the open.

And then leave all that stereotyping behind. It’s harmful, useless, and makes us lesser people because of it. Leave it behind, we don’t need it.

Easier said than done? Maybe.

Then again, maybe not.

But that’s a question we won’t know the answer to until we try, isn’t it?