Here You Go!

Everyone Is Invited To The FeastAcrylic, Gold LeafOn Canvas2009(click on image to enlarge)I wanted to paint something that made me very happy. Although it took a very long time to complete, for me it was well worth the effort and the seemingly endless days!As you can see, everyone is coming to the feast, guests are [...]

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Little Helpers

10" x 40"Mixed MediaOn CanvasI'm not sure that I ever posted this image before. I painted it at the tail end of summer in 2005. I love watching beavers as they munch away at trees and swim around dragging ridiculously cumbersome branches behind them as they prepare winter caches and put the finishing touches on [...]

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Never Tell Me The Odds12" x 24"Acrylicon Canvas2007In the stories, coyote battles monsters. It's just what coyote does. In one legend from the Nez Perce, Monster was devouring everything in the land. Monster was clever, but he couldn't seem to capture the last remaining morsel: Coyote. Now, Coyote missed all his animal friends so he [...]

Show Starts in One Week!

The Bearclaw Gallery Presents124st - 104ave780.482.1204TRICKSTERNew Works by Aaron PaquetteMarch 3 - March 15 2007artist will be in attendance 2-4pm opening day An Unexplored Dream4" x 6"Encaustic, Oilon Canvas2007There is nothing so compelling to me than a waking dream that has not, or can not, be explored. The mystery and meaning must lie asleep until [...]