The world already has free energy. It's called the Sun. If as much resources were put into harnessing that unimaginable power as into maintaining the profits of corporations who would destroy God's creation we could live in a virtual paradise. This isn't a screed against anything, it's only a reminder of our true heart's desires. [...]

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Interview with Sandi Greene

MystiqueSandi GreeneWell, I hope to have a text interview with Sandi in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy a few of her photos, and please check out my podcast where Sandi and I sit down for a quick chat about her stunning images:Interview with Sandi GreeneAnd her book:Seeing EvanglineLooking For RedSandi GreeneRemember! [...]

Artist Interview with Lauren White

In this continuing series, I am showcasing some of the talented artists who have crossed my path these past few months and years. Their work ranges from photography to performance to something in between. This month, a controversial artist, 23 year old Lauren White, aka. Raymi the Minx.Voted Best Blog, Best Humour Blog, and Best [...]

Show Starts in One Week!

The Bearclaw Gallery Presents124st - 104ave780.482.1204TRICKSTERNew Works by Aaron PaquetteMarch 3 - March 15 2007artist will be in attendance 2-4pm opening day An Unexplored Dream4" x 6"Encaustic, Oilon Canvas2007There is nothing so compelling to me than a waking dream that has not, or can not, be explored. The mystery and meaning must lie asleep until [...]