Come See Some Art!

Insightful Mind11" x 13"Mixed Media on Paper2010We are so used to looking outward, outward. As if the world existed somewhere beyond us, at arms length. This isn't a failing, it's a quirk of our physical inheritance and a necessary one. Part of growing is to know that the world outside ourselves is just one part [...]

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New Work to Share

Spider Grandmother Connects Us All24" x 36"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2010Spider Woman, or Spider Grandmother is most well known and seems to find her origin among the Pueblo or Dine (Navajo) Indians of the Southwestern United States. She can also be found among the Hopi, the Choctaw, and various other Tribes.In many stories, she instructed the people [...]

By | December 3rd, 2010|Art, dreamcatcher, grandmother, Paquette, spider|1 Comment

Sunshine Breaks Through

Cree Teachings24"x 26"Mixed Media on Canvas2010Sohkahcahkwewin ᓱᐦᑲᐦᒐᐦᑫᐧᐃᐧᐣ It means having strength of soul.I called this Cree Teachings because of the wisdom I have been honoured to receive from many teachers throughout my life. Some of the teachers hurt me, some of them loved me, and sometimes it was both. Here I have made the equivalent [...]

Infinite WorldsMixed MediaOn Canvas2008"Infinite worlds appear and disappear in the vast expanse of my consciousness, like motes of dust dancing in a beam of light" - VedantaI was reminded of the painting above this week. When I painted it, I was almost in a trance. It happened spontaneously, immediately and quickly. It was as effortless [...]

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Here You Go!

Everyone Is Invited To The FeastAcrylic, Gold LeafOn Canvas2009(click on image to enlarge)I wanted to paint something that made me very happy. Although it took a very long time to complete, for me it was well worth the effort and the seemingly endless days!As you can see, everyone is coming to the feast, guests are [...]

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White Raven Series

Ice Raven24" x 30"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2007A comment from a friend on the White Raven series:...the sense of blood and freshly frozen death that I feel fuels the bright bitter triumph, reaches for the promise of warmth in the yellow star as sun-seed, and wants to speak through the pink and mauve of the pinions.Put another [...]

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