One WayMixed Mediaon Paper2007Driving back up to the North from the dry and dusty Southern Alberta city of Medicine Hat, I found myself fading into auto-pilot at the wheel, brain registering the limited traffic as cruise control took over and I began to settle into the half-alertness of a six-hour journey. It was just as [...]

Cravefish27cm x 35cmMixed Mediaon PaperPart scavenger, part hunter, all craft and cunning, the Cravefish swims the deeps looking for an easy meal or a chance to outwit the trusting with one of his schemes. But the sun...up above, shining so compellingly irresistible pull draws the Cravefish higher and higher out of the black water [...]

By | June 2nd, 2007|Contemporary, cravefish, craven, crow, Paquette, puffer fish, raven|0 Comments

Moonrise18" x 14"Mixed Mediaon Canvas2007Nothing so simple as MoonriseNothing so normal as treesNothing so common as starlightOr the scent of wild flowersYou, and the hoursWe've spent in the warm summer breezeYes, we've spent in the warm summer breezeYou, and the hoursThe scent of wild flowersNothing so common as starlightNothing so normal as treesNothing so simple [...]

By | March 8th, 2007|Aaron Paquette, canadian, Contemporary, crow, flowers, moon, raven|2 Comments