Imagine this:

A Gathering of people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous – from here and from around the world – who care about what’s going on.

Right here in Canada.

And instead of angry protests, we come as friends, leaders, partners.

We involve the children and the elders, the artists and the scientists, the dispossessed and the homeowner.

We speak to the politicians, but they are not the audience if they won’t listen.

Then the audience is Everyone Else. And the message is one that connects to the heart, where real change happens.

We live in the Social Age, and most people haven’t figured out what that means.

It means we are becoming more and more a global community. A family. And we protect and nurture our friends.

So we have a Gathering, but we still need to design it.

The first step is to create a framework. Toss out a bunch of ideas and see which ones resonate. I have some that I’ll share.

But I guess before that we need to build an extremely good team. An incredible network of very extremely good teams.

It’s absolutely important that whoever is involved understands this isn’t an angry rally, or a forum for speech-making, or any of the stuff people expect. The point is to make it a celebration AND a firmness of resolve. Only joy, only love, only gentle, straightforward messages.

One of the key things is to gather either virtually or in reality. My preference would be the Rocky Mountains.

We create a proposal. A Path for society (development, budgets, environment, education, etc) that will take us forward for 7 Generations. This path then becomes a document and a hide painting. It is the result of months of open forum discussion with as many people as we can get to participate.

We teach all the people who will come join our huge, amazing, non-protest Gathering some really cool traditional friendship songs. Maybe a few tutorials on the web would help.

We have gifts for every politician, and a corresponding gift for someone homeless. This way they are forever tied together through the gifts we give.

Our children sing the songs of friendship, thousands and thousands of them with their parents.

We offer tobacco, we bring the peace pipe. We present our gifts.

We express gratitude and love for those who are working in government. We express it for the people at home. We express it for the nations of the world, and we express it for Mother Earth.

It has to be love.

Anger makes it all fall apart and everything stays the same or gets worse.

It can be only love.

And I believe youth should lead us.

Who’s in?