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Until Christmas, for every print you buy from the links below, I will donate (on your behalf) 25% of the profits to a worthy cause.

The cause is funding the traveling costs for the Traditional Sacred Jingle Dress Dancers and Song Carriers from Whitefish Bay, ON, to get to Victoria Island to honour Chief Theresa Spence.


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Make your life more beautiful and bless someone’s life at the same time.


Chief Spence of Attawapiskat is on a hunger strike.

You remember Attawapiskat, don’t you?

The shameful and deplorable living conditions of the children? The lack of a High School, the bitter, subarctic winters weathered through in dilapidated shacks?

The federal government sent in their man to handle the finances. Trouble is, there was nothing to handle.

After being shamed and embarrassed by the government, it turns out the community of Attawapiskat was actually handling their finances extremely well.

They just didn’t have enough.

It’s been over a year later and nothing has changed. The plight of these children has been ignored.

And so their Chief is on a Hunger Strike until the government fulfills it’s responsibility to the children. She is willing to die for her people, and we want to lend her what strength and support we can.

We are looking for a voice. We are looking for change. We are looking for a way forward in partnership and trust – with good hearts and intentions.

This is the beginning of a peaceful movement of beauty and song, of dance and conviction.

We welcome and value your support.

Hiy hiy


If you would like to donate directly, without the purchase of a print, please go the direct link here:


(I’d give it all away, but there are costs with production and shipping, just in case anyone was wondering. And really, anyone who knows me knows my money goes right back into service anyway. Just a disclaimer)


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