Idle No More – One Heartbeat – Demonstrating Peace


So it’s happening.

The world is waking up. We are seeing the glory of Creation. We are honoring each other and our future generations. We are opening our eyes and rather than fight, we sing.

We dance.

We drum.

One heartbeat across the planet.

Canada’s Indigenous people, spurred by recent actions of the government (including dropping protection of over a million waterways to a hundred overnight), are standing up.

Standing up for your children and ours, for your water and ours, for your Mother Earth and ours.

We are respecting this land the Creator made for all of us.

We are Idle No More.

And we are happy.

December 21, 2012

We invite you to join us.

Find out what’s happening in your city or town. If there is nothing, start something!

This is peaceful demonstration, in other words: Demonstrating Peace.

Demonstrating Love, acceptance and the voice of change.

A true warrior is one who stands for their people, for the elders and the young, for the community and the land.

The Truest Warrior is the Peacemaker.

You can’t fight anger with anger, disdain for disdain.

You can only fill empty places with love.

You can only fill empty hearts with compassion.

You can only fill empty lives with meaning.

You can only fill the emptiness of greed with an overflowing abundance and generosity of spirit.

And it’s time.

hiy hiy


In Edmonton:

This is a peaceful, yet focused gathering grounded with Natural Laws, ALL HUMAN BEINGS WELCOME.


December 21, 2012
10:30am – 3pm

WHAT: Peaceful Ceremonial March to Gather Our Ancestors and Further Reaffirm Our Sovereign Position;

WHERE: START at Kinsman Park (9100 Walterdale Hill NW) and END at Sir Winston Churchill Square (99 St. and 102 Ave.).

The Idle No More movement has called on all Nations to drum and sing across Turtle Island on December 21, 2012 for a Global Synchronized Spiritual Awakening.

This day is significant since it is the winter solstice and is a re-aligning of energy from our Ancestors. We want to honor and recognize the Drum as it represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of our people.

Indigenous peoples from Amiskwaciy (Edmonton) call on all people and nations to join us in solidarity in “One Heartbeat” through the Drum as we honor the ways of our Ancestors.

This event will honor the ways of our Ancestors as we call on them to help us bring attention to the injustice Indigenous peoples, land and waters are encountering through the unilateral imposition of legislative policies that blatantly disregard our Natural Laws and the sacred Treaty relationship.

Words of the Four Founding IDLE NO MORE Women:

One Heartbeat Across Turtle Island December 21

Idle No More has called to drummers and singers from across Turtle Island to join us on December 21st at noon (Saskatchewan) for a global [synchronized] spiritual awakening.
The heartbeat of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth, is the heartbeat of the people.
Drums are the oldest living instruments on earth, and their vibration helps us tune into the natural frequency of the earth, connecting us to all that is through a shared heartbeat.
The drum combines animal and plant life to make an instrument that rings not only through the air, but across time. All the elements of Nature are used in the creation of the drum, representing the circle of life in all its aspects. Our songs hold the stories of our past and the visions for our future.

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One Reply to “Idle No More – One Heartbeat – Demonstrating Peace”

  1. Love these words: “You can’t fight anger with anger, disdain for disdain.
    You can only fill empty places with love.
    You can only fill empty hearts with compassion.
    You can only fill empty lives with meaning.”
    We just need to find another word for warrior. Any war does not fit with the sentiments. One cannot make peace with war. Many things need to be resisted and changed, but never with the attitude of war, but rather of love.

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