Kids keep telling me their fear about 2012, the end of the world where everything burns and everyone dies!

I know a lot of people believe this so I may step on a few toes when I say that’s Not Going to Happen.

The Anishinaabe have something called the Seven Prophecies or Seven Fires. In the seventh, the people are returning to their traditions, the elders are waking up their old knowledge and the old ways, but they have to be invited to speak and must be treated with dignity and respect.

If enough people seek a renewal, if enough people seek to find harmony and balance then this will be the energy needed to light the 8th Fire.

The 8th Fire is when we as a human family finally find enlightenment. It’s when the world as we know it *now* comes to an end. What arises is a new way of living, a new way of interacting with the plants, the animals, and all our relations.

So in a way, I guess 2012 could mark the end of the world, this world of hatred, violence, poverty and greed.

And who would mourn for that passing? Who would be afraid?

I love this prophecy and it has come to be embraced by many nations.

I believe that the 8th Fire is already starting.

I believe that a lot of the people reading these words have already begun to feel that flame flicker to life within themselves.

I believe that you are one of those people.

Be honest, be respectful, be good to your body, and be kind to others.

Stand, Speak, Share.

Let the light of your truth shine from you and let the fire spread.

It will never burn you, it will only warm you and light your way.

Hai hai.