Mother Earth Protector - Aaron Paquette

In English, we use the word Warrior, a word brought by the settlers and conquerors.

The word ‘Protector’ better suits the role we play when faced with those who would harm our young ones, our family.

A Warrior looks for battle, for a fight.

A Protector looks for peace, for a way to agree.

Fighting is a way of destruction.

Protecting is a way of nurturing.

When you fight, you might destroy an enemy, a situation, an injustice, but it will always be temporary. A new thing to fight will always arise. It has to. The very nature of fighting means you must be right while what you are fighting is wrong.

When you protect, you transform the situation, you have no enmity for those who would be your enemy, you allow for more options than right or wrong. You plant the seeds of a better moment through mindful action.

Every moment is an opportunity to change the world and reduce the fears that cause conflict and suffering in the first place.

We use the term fighting a lot in our society.

I’m fighting for:

“My loved one”
“My life”

And so on.

Then there are all the things we are fighting against!

And these are all beautiful things worthy of effort and protection. But the attitude of fighting turns the endeavour into an exercise of suffering.

It is a subtle thing, but important to understand. This shift changed my life and I have to relearn it daily.

Choose not to fight.

Choose to protect and allow the Creator to work through you in happiness and joy and good action.

Choose to become a true Warrior.

Allow that you are human and are not perfect.

So when we say, “I am a Warrior,” rather than being a fighter, a destroyer, the understanding is that we are Protecting life, light, liberty and hope. We are allowing greater opportunities for peace and growth.

We are stewards of life.

That is the difference between fighting and protecting, between destroying and nurturing.
On this rests the fate of the planet, itself.