Marking Time


How do I keep my life from falling apart?

I try to get my schedule solid at least three months in advance for everything (6 months for the broad strokes)

By the way, that’s a good lesson if you want it:

Plan out your year by scheduling up all the things you know about. Now look for the gaps. What can you put in those gaps that will make your life, work and relationships better?

If you’re an artist, musician, etc do you have any shows or gigs lined up? Time to get on the phone and set a few things up!

For the upcoming 6 months, get a little more detailed, and even more for the next three moths. Firm it all up.

Now, take the next month and figure out your time for each day.

For the next two weeks, refine.

If you just start doing that, most other things will begin to fall into place.

As an artist, I always thought that kind of scheduling would be restrictive. The truth is, it has freed me more than any other thing in life. Since I always know what I’m doing, I know where my days and weeks of free time will be. It means something.

I even schedule in some time off every three months, even if its a few days of staycation. It helps recharge the batteries and avoid burnout.

Time is all we have. We’re all born with it. Use it wisely, use it to be productive, and use it to let loose and explore.

But most of all, value your time, especially with your friends and loved ones. It never comes round again, so make every moment count.

By counting every moment.


Here’s a quick message for folks who need this sort of service:

I’ve been wonderfully busy for the past few months.




Stained Glass

Writing, writing, writing…

Visiting Conferences, schools, events has been incredible.

Working with businesses to increase their creativity (and therefore: profitability) has been pretty fun, too!

All in all, it’s been a blast sharing my knowledge.

I’m taking a bit of time in April and May to finish up my book and then I’m open for booking again. I have a bit of September and October filled, but so far there is still some room in the schedule.

If you know anyone who would benefit from bringing me in, let them know! If it’s you, give me a shout.

Things fill up fast!


I find the better my schedule is organized, the more organic it becomes.

I should mention, however, that I find the grid system of anything in life to be alien. We are born into a round world from a round womb. Our seasons turn, our lives revolve. Every atom is made of revolutions.

A schedule? Only a tool to remind me to remember all of that in the midst of a busy life filled with children, family, service, writing, painting and creating.

There are many people who count on me, and many lives I can touch if I am able to negotiate through this world in calm and peacefulness.

I know everyone approaches everything with their own perspective and that’s what makes life interesting.

For me, as an artist, I have a tendency to lose myself, to lose track of time, to fall into a different rhythm. How tempting to follow into the wild! But children need rearing, jobs need doing.

First body, then book, as they say.

That old Zen practice of chopping wood and drawing water…I like it.

It speaks to me of the enlightenment to be found in the little things, in the mundane things that we think are preventing us from authenticity.

When really, they are the most direct path.

As practical as the scheduling teaching is, behind it sits the universe, ready to be revealed.


Aaron Paquette


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  1. I once made myself an annual calendar to manage my career as a free lance media tech. It worked really well for a while, then I fell off the habit of using it. Now I’m busy with major health issues but still wish I could push myself to engage in this kind of planning again. It would really make life a lot better again.

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