To me, Spring is the New Year.

I’ve always felt that way. As the snow begins to melt in our cold Northern corner of the world I find I am filled with anticipation for the warm weather, for the beginning of new dreams, for the long rest I will take to finish my book in calm and peace.

It’s been almost 10 months since my wife, Clarice, was shattered under the impact of one vehicle and crushed under the wheels of another in a bizarre and preventable accident. When she was first in the hospital, the prognosis was not good. It was thought she might never walk again, that she would even now be undergoing agonizing rehabilitation.

Instead she is back at work doing what she loves: teaching.

She is more easily tired and feels new pains, but she is alive, about and ready for more challenges. She plans to walk a marathon.

I am grateful for her.

And I’m grateful for the uncountable good people who prayed for her, meditated, sent healing and good thoughts.

There is a temptation and tendency to discard all beliefs when you see the pain and suffering in the world, when you see the harmful ignorance blind faith can bring.

But the wisest among us will say that there is more than we can explain and always will be. And behind it all is the hand of the Creator. Any ignorance about science, about politics, about people, about love…this is all the work (or lack of work) of Man. Not the fault of Creation.

To truly believe, to have faith, means that you show gratitude for the gift of life. That you seek to understand, to marvel, to glory in the beauty of everything. To ease the suffering of others and become a noble ancestor for those who follow in your footsteps.

In short, to make this world kinder place.

Life has enough natural slings and arrows, we don’t need to be one of those who casts out pains like the fits of a child.

There is life, death and rebirth.

And we all have access to it. Life and death are inevitable. To be reborn, to awaken, is a choice.

Sometimes you have to be on the threshold of death to see that choice. Sometimes you just have to wake up to the morning sun, or see the eternal stars in the sky.

How it happens for you doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you listen when your time comes.

Listen not with your ears, but with your heart.

There are those who are born physically different in the make up of their brain, their cognitive function, who lack empathy. Have empathy for them. They seek approval through power, money and control because they are blind to the deeper sense of belonging that exists.

For them, the world is a tool, rather than a gift. Life is a scorecard instead of a journey. And all things are either for or against them, rather than existing in effortless flow and harmony.

They can’t meditate, they can’t feel the life thrumming through the stones themselves, and they are hunted by emptiness beyond measure.

For them my heart goes out and I offer my prayers.

They will find no peace in this life beyond what love and companionship and compassion are given them.

They have reshaped the very fabric of our society and economy to give themselves some illusion of protection against unknown horrors, against the uncertainty that makes life vibrant.

We must give our effort, thought and love to returning the world to it’s better state, it’s sustainable state, the state where we lift each other in communities. Where we know our neighbours and we see farther than our own lifetime.

To be a strong individual alone is simply not enough and against our nature.

Companionship, community and caring for one another, making each other strong, that’s what brings us happiness. We know this, we attempt it all the time. We have groups of friends, church groups, community leagues, gangs, militias and so on, all to forge these connections.

To deliberately reshape the world, the way we do things, will bring it back to us.

There are no enemies.

There are only the lost, and those who are finding a way.

Lift one another.

Raise each other to be strong, independent and then interdependent.

That’s how we start building the world our children deserve.

I pray for those who seek to glorify their uniqueness and individualism. Those who seek to rise above everyone to rule, to enforce, to command.

They are the loneliest people on earth.

Always empty, never filled, and forgetful of their kinship with all life.

All of Creation teaches that we rely on each other.

So be giving, forgiving and kind.

That’s the way.

Hiy hiy


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  1. Aaron your writing is as beautiful as your paintings and lift our souls. THANK YOU.
    Fantastic to know that your wife is back teaching .

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