Tesla Model S the best car of all time?

I have to admit, I’m a tech nerd. I love anything that helps or enhances human health, both physically and spiritually. I also love tech that helps slow environmental damage. I guess for the same reasons: physical and spiritual health.

So it was pretty amazing to me when I read that Tesla, the electric car company that I’ve been following for years, has just received an incredible review from Consumer Reports.

“So is the Tesla Model S the best car ever? We wrestled with that question long and hard. It comes close. And if your needs are confined to the Tesla’s driving range, it just may be.”

Here’s the link:

Tesla Review

Here’s the video:

And here’s a great comment from one of the readers, TomM:

I run a Tesla Roadster here in the EU, and want to show how EU demand for the Tesla Model S could dwarf sales in the USA, because the long term fuel savings exceed the cars purchase costs!

I used to pay the equivalent of $9,500 a year for petrol, averaging 15,000 miles a year in an Audi RS6 estate car. Petrol / Gas here costs a whopping $10.30 a gallon… in other words about 300% more than in the USA.

My Tesla costs just $375 in-grid electricity PER YEAR for the same miles, using a night-time top-up charge. Therefore saving me about $9,000 per year. And the car is even more accelerative than the Audi ever was, in real world terms. There are also no road taxes for EV’s either, which is another $800 a year saved.

Over 5 yrs, allowing for fuel inflation at 6-7%, I will save approx $55,000 in running costs compared to running an ICE car of “similar performance”.

Over 10 yrs … that works out at about $130,000 SAVED compared to paying for petrol … yup. $130k. I do not see how anyone can glibly dismiss a saving of that magnitude … I’m putting that saving into my kids education, rather than providing profit to oil companies and vast taxes to the government.

Basically, an EU purchased Model S will entirely pay for itself in fuel savings alone, and that’s before considering significant tax reduction benefits …

Once companies and individuals start looking at the numbers, I think demand here could easily exceed the USA, and the EU population is nearly 3 times that of the USA…

The Model S battery is warranted for 8 yrs / 100,000 miles. But I believe the battery pack is probably good for around 150,000+ miles before its capacity drops to 75%. By the time it might need replacement, the revised pack will more than likely be half the price, and twice the capacity … therefore increasing Tesla’s margins or lowering retail prices of the cars etc etc

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