This House is Falling

The Conservative Party, currently making up the Government of Canada, is dying.

It’s fascinating – if morbid – to witness. It’s also a little embarrassing.

Scandal after scandal, the misdeeds of those to whom we entrust this nation are being exposed to the light of day. And what we see ain’t pretty, folks.

Financial mismanagement, sticky hands in the coffers of the people, lies, cover-ups, election fraud, criminal investigations…

It reads like a laundry list of problems from a Third World Country.

And these are supposed to be the grown-ups.

Should we even mention the ongoing shame that is Canada’s relationship with the First People? The continuing history of sexual abuse, of theft of children, culture and wealth?

The disdain with which the voices of the Original Inhabitants and their vast network of Allies was pushed aside during the Idle No More surge last winter?

Missing and murdered women…

Or how about the way immigrant health was tossed aside after the Conservative Party hustled so hard to get those same immigrant votes?

Or the wholesale destruction of legislation protecting our water, and the For Sale mentality of a government willing to sell our country right out from under us, presumably to reward their corporate friends.

Our veterans are treated shamefully and this government considers throwing away much-needed money on jet fighters we will never need. And the latest, a fashion whimsy: Removing the beloved Maple Leaf from our military uniforms to return to the symbol of the age of colonialism – the monarch’s crown, no less.

You’d think they’d have more important things to do.

But this Party exists in a culture where image and perception is everything. Substance…what’s that? As long as you can sing and dance and incite enough fear and hatred to get your people to the polls, you’ll be okay.

Failing that, just cheat.

They are so used to deception, it would appear, that they don’t even see that their personal Rome is burning. Instead, they fiddle their way along, oblivious to the House coming down around their ears.They are stuck in their own constructed reality.

What concerns me about people who grasp so greedily for power is that when they start to lose it, things can get a little out of hand. Just observe any abusive situation where the person in control begins losing their grip. That’s when it gets dangerous.

This government declares anyone who is interested in a clean glass of water for their children an eco-terrorist. So how easily will they label anyone who doesn’t support them as an enemy? And not just to the Party, but to the State?

For a Party that is so mired in secrets, they don’t seem particularly interested in allowing you to keep any semblance of privacy. But a thief always locks his own door twice.

And perhaps the most egregious crime of all:

This government’s utter failure to protect and advance the cause of our beautiful children and our strong, wise women.

Worse than that, the purposeful dismantling of programs that were already in place to help them. This government cuts with the right hand, while sprinkling distraction with the left.

While major cities flood and ecological calamity becomes a weekly item this government sticks to it’s ideologies, refusing to take necessary, intelligent action. And the people suffer.

I look for a leader. I look for someone who can empower the people of Canada to stand for themselves. I look for someone who can see the bigger picture and has no desire to be in power, but will stand if there’s a job that needs doing. Could it be you?

In these times we need prudence and sober judgement. We need a government that wants to get down to the business of running a country honestly, equitably and responsibly.

Is it time for the Conservative Party of Canada to recognize that they are no longer fit to run an asylum, much less a country with as much beauty and potential as Canada?

Is it time for the people to demand an accountability?

What do you say?

18 Replies to “This House is Falling”

  1. Well said Aaron! It would seem to me that you have a clear picture of what the Conservative modus operandi is. And it is ashame, because we as a country and a people can do so much better. That we have a gov’t that is aloof about the realities of the world and have such an apparent disdain for the natural systems that govern the environment, and seems to be aloof about their own deceit and criminal behavior and their actions is beyond insanity.

  2. Well said Aaron , I totally agree with every thing you wrote . I hope Canada get a party that care about the people of Canada, who care about the heritage , the truth of the past the way the Native Americans were treat all those years ago . I hope the maple leaf is re instated to the Canadian Army . May be there should be a party to represent the Native Americans . Aaron maybe you should put your name forward for election ???

  3. In order for a change to happen, Harper needs to be thrown out of office or resign. He is clinging to his illegitimate power and so out of touch with reality that it will take (and I have said this at least 100 times in the last few years) someone forcing him to have a psychological evaluation and realizing he is in crisis, reckless to the people of this country and this world, and destructive, to make that happen. Pathological people often don’t see they are pathological, and on top of it he is falling down drunk with power. We need the people who have the capability to act to step up, now, not later. We need people who ‘see’ to keep speaking out and to the ones who CAN, act for the best interest of all, not a few. There are people, right now, who can do something about this. The question is: why aren’t they?

  4. Well said. I am impatiently waiting the next election where I pray the Canadian people will make a better choice. This government needs to be gone and they need to take their fear-mongering mentality with them.

  5. Who is listening? Big oil companies, corporations? We have a long uphill battle….discouraging because money still talks! Who will stand up and challenge?

  6. Thank you, Aaron, for so clearly articulating the failures of the Harper government. Unfortunately, we will have to live with it until 2015 unless the polls show an upsurge of popularity, in which case, Harper might call an earlier election. We need to find new candidates who can follow a leader who has a vision for a Canada in which those issues are addressed. The question for me is, does another federal party have a leader who might be willing to stand up for those issues? Would Justin Trudeau and liberals be a viable alternative? If not, who?

  7. Aaron- Your vision of what is wrong comes from your Spiritual perspective and consciousness. When you write from this wisdom nothing can dispute what you say. You say “I look for a leader. I look for someone who can empower the people of Canada to stand for themselves. I look for someone who can see the bigger picture and has no desire to be in power, but will stand if there’s a job that needs doing.” I too look for this leader, but perhaps we make a mistake in believing there is any one such person or that this person is someone other than our own selves. It is up to us, with no excuses, no other commitments more important, no beliefs that it is not possible, each 100 % responsible for the world we create? Keep writing and making art Aaron and keep leading.

  8. Hear Hear !!! Thank-you for sharing, Aaron … and I just want to shout, “The Emperor wore no clothes!”

  9. You are damn-straight it is time!

    Thank you for your thoughtful, logical perspective here. You have it exactly.

  10. Corporations exist (and hold great power) because we support them. Unequivocally. Yes, we do. We migrate to urban centers where life has all the amenities handed to us according to our ability to pay. We drive a gas-guzzling behemoth when we could walk or ride a bike. We sit at home and accept being spoon-fed pap from all the huge corporate news (?) networks rather than getting off our duffs and going for a walk or helping to keep our neighbourhoods safe and clean. When was the last time anyone ate home-made bread or a home-cooked (from scratch) meal? How many prefer sugar-laden breakfasts to cooked oatmeal (and I do NOT mean the instant kind!). How many bags of garbage do get thrown out in a week? How much spoiled food is in those bags? You may believe all this has nothing to do to with the state our country is in. You would be mistaken. It is exactly this mind-set and lifestyle that has propelled a strong and proud population into fearful and apathetic slavery. If we want to heal our country, we must first heal ourselves. The leader you seek, as it stands today, has no-one to lead.

  11. right on!
    (except for the embarrassed part)
    I don’t feel any connection to their cold-hearted,
    bare-assed, bare-knuckle, take-no-prisoners
    pathetic fearful immature little selves at all.

    Not even from the Canada-angle. Stuff like corruption,
    residential schools, dishonoured treaties, privatised public
    assets, subsidization of harmful business was well-established
    in Canada before Steve and the boys darkened the halls of parliament
    with their sordid little presences.

    It is their brash boorishness that set them apart – they don’t even pretend
    to give a shit about the people, or integrity and honour

    I view them as crack addicts who are breaking into our houses, looking
    for the most valuable stuff, stealing what they can sell, and smashing
    the rest

    Anyone up for a little Schadenfreude party as the regressive conversatives
    self-destruct at their own immoral unethical hands?
    Let the dis-illusionment be complete!

    1. You may have a solid argument re : the embarrassment. We, the people, should not be embarrassed. Our national ethos, the way the world views us, is as the “nice guy” of the planet. Hopefully intelligent people everywhere can distinguish between “we, the people” and our lamentably corrupt and (leaning toward) downright evil government leaders. Truthfully, Ottawa is not the only place these out-of-touch with the populace leaders reside. They are in our provincial seats of power and, with few exceptions, our municipal councils.

      We desperately need a new kind of leadership/leader – but as I said, the leader we seek has no-one to lead until “we,the people” make ourselves heard in no uncertain terms.

      BTW – does anyone know what happened to the movement to impeach Stephen Harper and his government? No? Point! If we cannot sustain the impetus to rid ourselves of these mobster wannabees, we deserve exactly what we have …

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