The Conservative Party, currently making up the Government of Canada, is dying.

It’s fascinating – if morbid – to witness. It’s also a little embarrassing.

Scandal after scandal, the misdeeds of those to whom we entrust this nation are being exposed to the light of day. And what we see ain’t pretty, folks.

Financial mismanagement, sticky hands in the coffers of the people, lies, cover-ups, election fraud, criminal investigations…

It reads like a laundry list of problems from a Third World Country.

And these are supposed to be the grown-ups.

Should we even mention the ongoing shame that is Canada’s relationship with the First People? The continuing history of sexual abuse, of theft of children, culture and wealth?

The disdain with which the voices of the Original Inhabitants and their vast network of Allies was pushed aside during the Idle No More surge last winter?

Missing and murdered women…

Or how about the way immigrant health was tossed aside after the Conservative Party hustled so hard to get those same immigrant votes?

Or the wholesale destruction of legislation protecting our water, and the For Sale mentality of a government willing to sell our country right out from under us, presumably to reward their corporate friends.

Our veterans are treated shamefully and this government considers throwing away much-needed money on jet fighters we will never need. And the latest, a fashion whimsy: Removing the beloved Maple Leaf from our military uniforms to return to the symbol of the age of colonialism – the monarch’s crown, no less.

You’d think they’d have more important things to do.

But this Party exists in a culture where image and perception is everything. Substance…what’s that? As long as you can sing and dance and incite enough fear and hatred to get your people to the polls, you’ll be okay.

Failing that, just cheat.

They are so used to deception, it would appear, that they don’t even see that their personal Rome is burning. Instead, they fiddle their way along, oblivious to the House coming down around their ears.They are stuck in their own constructed reality.

What concerns me about people who grasp so greedily for power is that when they start to lose it, things can get a little out of hand. Just observe any abusive situation where the person in control begins losing their grip. That’s when it gets dangerous.

This government declares anyone who is interested in a clean glass of water for their children an eco-terrorist. So how easily will they label anyone who doesn’t support them as an enemy? And not just to the Party, but to the State?

For a Party that is so mired in secrets, they don’t seem particularly interested in allowing you to keep any semblance of privacy. But a thief always locks his own door twice.

And perhaps the most egregious crime of all:

This government’s utter failure to protect and advance the cause of our beautiful children and our strong, wise women.

Worse than that, the purposeful dismantling of programs that were already in place to help them. This government cuts with the right hand, while sprinkling distraction with the left.

While major cities flood and ecological calamity becomes a weekly item this government sticks to it’s ideologies, refusing to take necessary, intelligent action. And the people suffer.

I look for a leader. I look for someone who can empower the people of Canada to stand for themselves. I look for someone who can see the bigger picture and has no desire to be in power, but will stand if there’s a job that needs doing. Could it be you?

In these times we need prudence and sober judgement. We need a government that wants to get down to the business of running a country honestly, equitably and responsibly.

Is it time for the Conservative Party of Canada to recognize that they are no longer fit to run an asylum, much less a country with as much beauty and potential as Canada?

Is it time for the people to demand an accountability?

What do you say?