Get over it.

I hear or read that phrase every time I find myself participating in or observing pretty much any of the multitude of horrific events in the past or present in regard to First Nations, Metis or Inuit people. Known as Native Americans by the rest of the world.

Get over it.

Forget the past. Move on. Live in the present.

Pardon me for being so blunt, but this is usually said by white people who generally dislike “The Natives”.

They don’t want to be reminded that present pain and dysfunction is a direct result of past abuses and policies.

They feel like they, too, have a great challenge or pain and no one is helping them with that, no one is paying retribution for their suffering.

And they are right.

The intent of this is not to discuss the necessity or merit of restitution. It’s to talk about pain, blame and the past.

Get over it.

Forget the past. Live in the present.

The beautiful, eternal present.

I can’t argue with the philosophy, but I do see the stupidity of closing the book on the knowledge and responsibilities bequeathed to us by our ancestors.

I say:

Remember the past!

And never repeat it.

Know your story, know your path. Know your history and the cause, the effect, the living results.

Know WHY…

Never get over it. Instead, let it wash over you. Immerse yourself in the events of your life and of those who came before.

Become wise. And quiet.

Let all the trails, all the trials and all tears fill you. Then let it wash away in forgiveness and in laughter.

But never forget.

Never repeat.

Move forward with clear eyes and deep knowledge.

Know that the secret to happiness is simple and that’s why most poor souls will never grasp it. They expect a Great Secret where instead there is simply clarity. They look for Powerful Magic when instead they need only feel the deep and silent joys of one breath, then another.

Is life not Magic enough? Is the presence of your very own soul not greater than anything you can imagine?

As the Indigenous people of this land continually move toward healing, never be so foolish, so callow as to tell them to “get over it”.

What else can they do? What else are they doing? Their suffering will be the redemption of this world.

You have to face a thing completely before you can heal and let it settle into it’s place in the story.

Simply be glad the people of this land embrace a culture of healing instead of vengeance, a culture of sharing instead of greed.

We are all blessed by this land, or we all should be.

It’s time to leave behind the hate of nations, the fear of races, the denial of truths and the corruption of greed.

In the end, every person who wants a better world – to be in rhythm with it – is Indigenous. Every person who hears the call of Mother Earth, the Exhortations of a Great Spirit, the warmth of a Creator are the First Children. Every one who feels that electrifying sense of overwhelming Purpose is listening to the truth of all things.

You belong to the land.

You belong to Life.

And you will save it.

Never Get Over It.

Transcend it.


hiy hiy