Leave What You Don’t Need And Go!


Sometimes it gets heavy and that grey morning light lets you know you didn’t sleep a wink. Sometimes you feel small against the relentless universe and time chases us all.


The Cree have a solution. It starts with some hushed conversation that moves to a smile. A soft chuckle and check it out: before you know it you’re laughing.

Outsiders may find it strange, but there’s no profit in staying low and keeping sad. Mourn! Say goodbye! Face that soul aching loneliness.

And then honour that which has worth by being joyful.

Say I love you.

And for goodness sakes, live bold.

Be fearless!

Your life is meant to be so much more than you imagine. You are meant for great things!

Decide now.

Leave what you don’t need and go.


You’ve got one shot at the thing, so make it worth a thousand tales.

Get on, now.






About the photo: it was taken in September 2011 outside my back door. It’s the Aurora Borealis. Northern Lights. The Dance of the Ancestors.


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