People Who are Hurting Hurt Back

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People who are hurting hurt back.

They’ll have any number of justifications and will be blind to the fact they are emotionally unsteady. They feel attacked on all sides and will deflect blame and responsibility. It’s hard to witness and even harder to keep enough distance to remain unaffected.

Though they may despise you, love them anyway. They are in a place I’ve been in. Most of us have been there and if we are not on a healing path, can return to again.

Stay calm, stay humble, stay aware of your own human weaknesses and imperfections. And then be okay with that! Know you’re going to make mistakes!

After all, mistakes are our fast track to learning, aren’t they? (Painful and destructive as they sometimes can be)

Most of all, be happy, despite it all. Life is so vastly greater than our little problems. Basically, if you’re not being hunted or eaten, you’re probably better off than you were thinking.


About this photo:

On the road to Banff through the Kootenays, sunset July 2013

The pine beetle has devastated the forest as it has no natural predators in North America and the sky is so beautiful thanks to a forest fire. This is one in a countless number of cycles for this land. My first response was to despair.

My second was to take in the air. To breathe and consider – to open my heart and mind to more possibilities than grief would suggest.

We are all on this road, and we don’t really know what to do but go forward, forward.

Maybe we should just stop. Get out of the machine and touch the land. Remove the barriers between us and this Earth that we count on to sustain us.

Maybe we could slow down the larger machine we call the Economy, which is simply code for, “It was good while it lasted!”

Maybe we could remember our place in the dance, and still our ourselves enough that we hear the music once again.

Hiy hiy


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