Prepare For the Coming Dark

stormcloud Paquette
A storm brewing over High Level, Alberta – photo Aaron Paquette


Now that I’m home for a while, my wife has a ton of honey-do’s for me. It’s good to be back. 🙂

It’s funny, the things you miss. Even the lists of tasks to be done. When the leaves start turning and you see a few of them on the ground up here in the Northern part of the world, you get an urge for action.

Either leave or prepare for the coming cold and dark.

With family, you prepare.

And there’s another kind of darkness coming, I’m sorry to say. The Pacific ocean is being irradiated due to the Fukishima leak, storms are getting a little more intense. No doubt about it, the ice caps are melting, as are the mountain glaciers. The waters are rising. The bees are dying.

We are in a time of change, of transition.

And there isn’t the option of moving to a nicer world for the winter.

And so we prepare.

But our preparations are mostly in the heart, the mind, the spirit.

Here’s a sample list of things to fix, create or strengthen in my life. Yours may vary:

1. Humility
2. Prayer
3. Compassion
4. Giving
5. Forgiving
6. Kindness
7. Study
8. Physical Health
9. Humour
10. Courage

When the wind blows, the idea is to be ready. While everyone else is rushing around confused, you are calm and clear sighted, able to take proper action.

You know how every time there’s a sudden, good bit of rain and five minutes in the sirens start going? If you live in a city, you know it means there have just been a bunch of car accidents.

Something as simple as rain makes people forget to be careful, to be wise, to proceed more deliberately.

In the coming months and years, we will hear of a lot of rain, a lot of accidents. You have to do the simple work now so you can be counted on to put things in the right perspective, to be calm for those around you.

Here’s the positive news:

Along with the crazy stuff will come something extraordinary. An outpouring of sanity.

If you prepare your mind, heart and spirit, then you will be able to add your voice to the growing chorus who will say:

It’s time.

It’s time to think in terms of Seven Generations instead of Quarterly Profits.

It’s time to put our children’s well being ahead of this thing called the Economy. We don’t need more TVs to watch, we need more hours to experience the wonders of life with our families.

It’s time to use our science and intelligence and God given awareness to make this world a beautiful place, to show deep gratitude to the Creator for giving us a wonderful earth on which to live.

It’s time to end wars over resources and ideologies.

Can we do this before it all falls apart? I think so.

Should we start now, instead of waiting for it to get too late? I know so.

And so do you.

You have your responsibilities, but the greatest one of all is to provide a cleaner, better place for humanity’s children than we have been given.

That means making choices.

Continue electing those who kill their empathy and compassion into positions of authority and leadership? Continue silently giving permission to those who pour poisons into our water? Continue watching hatred instead of building great and pervasive love in your hearts and communities?

The Elders say the time has come when we must make our preparations, decide what kind of place we want to live in, that if our own hearts haven’t compelled us, then the results of our inactions will.

I believe you have a greater purpose than you are currently living.

I believe you have a greatness in you that has hardly been revealed.

I believe you can do small things which become mighty over time.

I believe in you.

I believe in us all.

It’s time.

hiy hiy


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2 Replies to “Prepare For the Coming Dark”

  1. Makes me think about winnowing grain and when we are done, seeing that precious little is left and knowing that it must be used wisely. Share some, save some to plant new fields and make bread to savour and share.

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