We’re facing troubled times.

Everywhere you turn there seems to be a new catastrophe, a new war, a new injustice.

For many people, the view is that the world has never been more bleak, more hopeless.

It’s in a bit of a mess, that’s for sure. I’ll admit that.

I’ll admit that there are some troubles coming that are already set, that we can’t turn back or bottle back up.

But I also see that there has never been more hope.

There has never been more daily acts of goodness, of giving, of kindness.

I see a surge coming, a mighty wave, a movement that – once it gets started – will become unstoppable.

You are part of that movement. You are part of the changing of the guard, of the transformation of our times.

And it won’t be done by a few massive deeds by a small group of people, it will be accomplished by a billion simple acts by a billion good people.

We can change the world so easily. We just have to believe that our small actions are compounding, growing, spreading and are making a difference.

Because they are.

Just by being a live you make a difference.

Now live with purpose. Live with reason. Live to make your life better, your community better and the world itself will heal and finally become whole.

Of course, it can never happen if there is no belief. No faith to put into action.

So believe. Believe that you have a greater potential than you have been living. And start living it.

The fate of our children’s children rest on our shoulders. It’s a good thing there are so many shoulders to bear the burden!

Despite what you may have been told, despite what the naysayers would have you believe, the work is not heavy, nor is it overwhelming.

It may be hard work, we may sweat a little under the sun, but it’s entirely possible.

Support the good things you see. Share the positive progress you learn about. Keep it going, keep it growing and help us all to build a better today, for those who come tomorrow.

The people who say you can’t change the world

The people who get angry and tear you down

Have been hurt so bad

That they can’t believe

They don’t dare to dream

So dream for them


hiy hiy


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