Show Starts Saturday, March 3rd at the Bearclaw Gallery – Edmonton

Toil and Trouble
24″ x 36″
Mixed Media
on Canvas


This piece was inspired by a late summer trip through the dry grasslands of Southern Alberta, Canada. There’s a lot of farming in the area, vast dry crops that stretch out to the horizon and goes on for hour upon sunbaked hour. It was at a turn-off to an emptier road than the one I was crunching along that I saw this scene. At first glance, it seemed like one creature with three heads, all battling each other for space to fix me with eyes barely glimpsed in the glare. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that it was really only three crows sharing a weathered, cracked stump at the edge of a neglected field.

Breathing in the hot, dusty air I gave a nod to the dark and midnight trio, and went my way.

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