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Thoughts on A Saturday Night.

The whole point of money is to keep it moving, flowing, blessing as many lives as possible. Work hard and joyfully, get your head in a positive, loving, accepting mindset and your worries will vanish.

Nothing was so onerous and heavy to me than extreme poverty. It sucked the brightness out of everything. I always thought, “If I had just THIS amount of money I could be okay.”

Of course, it never happened.

What changed wasn’t more money, but cleaner thinking.

Instead, I turned my awareness to what was good in my life. I began thinking about all the attributes I wanted as part of my personality. I began taking as good care of my physical health as was possible. All gently, all without pushing myself or blaming myself or any of that.

For example, I wanted more to be grateful for in life, so I just started thinking about all the blessings that already existed in my life.

I gave thanks, I gave joy, I gave kindness…all out into the world and inward to my soul and everywhere to my Creator.

I became softer, calmer, more generous myself.

And the more of all good things I gave away, the more would return to me.

When in need, my needs were met. When I saw need, I was able to help, and that ability increases every year. And the more I give, the more the Creator sees my heart and gives me to give.

Not foolishly, not to people with greed, but to places where it will help the most.

I am able to donate paintings and prints, sometimes, when we get a little extra, in the form of cash.

Now, I am not a wealthy man, but because of the blessings I receive I am able to give like a wealthy man. And that makes me feel wealthy. What more could I ask?

One last note: If you give to get, it will fail. If you give as an unwilling sacrifice, it will fail. If you are good because you “should” don’t bother. Your resentment will taint the process.

Instead, allow yourself to simply BE good. If it takes time, let it. If it takes growth, let it. Just think about it a little, be happy and it will come.

The worst thing we can do is be harsh with ourselves. It sets the tone for how we treat others.

The reverse is true. If we are harsh with others, it comes back to our own spirit.

So if you are kind with yourself and others, it will flow around and around, returning uncountable and unexpected blessings to your life and the lives of others.

This world is facing serious problems. In turn we must be joyful and accept nothing less than good hearts and kindness from our leaders.

Even better, become the leaders.

Business as usual is not good enough and we can’t let this kind of selfish society continue. It hurts all our souls, just by association.

Associate with good. Have faith in the strength you were born with. Glorify Creation.

And give generously and kindly to yourself every day.

If you do that, you can’t help but change the world.

Hiy hiy


Here’s the little poem that goes with this painting:

I turn my face to the sun
The heat like gentle lips

Placed upon my skin
In benediction

There’s more than I can take
There’s abundance


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2 Replies to “Gratitude, yo, #gratitude”

  1. What perfect timing. I may lose all I have. Homeless in a week perhaps. But I can be grateful for something each day. I used to be so good at this; gratitude. Grief and pain led me astray. I am looking forward to finding this daily meditation again.
    Blessings, light and love.

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