Old World New World – A Better Perspective


We get so used to our personal point of view, the things we’ve decided, the things we’ve been taught, that we don’t even question things anymore. We can’t even think of new questions or why we would ask them!

This is no one’s fault, it’s how we’re made, it’s how we develop ingrained societal and personal responses to events and circumstances.

Our ideas change over time. We no longer think beating women and children is appropriate, for example.

But it always takes that one person who sees it different to help us change for the better.

Sometimes things need to be turned on their heads, offer us a new perspective.

Sometimes we need to re-map our way through this life and this world.

And sometimes…it’s the very map of the world in our heads that needs to change.

Yes, I am nerd.

And proud of it.

What can I say, I married a teacher!



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